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The number of domestic and foreign tourists who visited Slovakia increased by 7% from 3.2 million in 2016 to 5.4 million in 2017. It is interesting to note that the number of tourists in 2017 was equal to the country’s population.

Several factors contributed immensely to the immense tourism and the increase in tourism in Slovakia. The European country is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, awesome local dishes, museums and galleries, folklores, historical architecture, castles, churches, not to mention the natural environment.

Besides, Canada has an excellent bilateral relationship with Slovakia. The relationship is well obvious in the people-to-people ties, trade, multilateral cooperation, and so forth. There are about 65,000 Canadians of Slovak heritage. The trade relationship between the two countries is also robust. In fact, Slovakia remains an attractive investment destination for Canadians.

Canadians visit Slovakia for several purposes ranging from tourism to trade. No matter your reason for traveling to the European country, you need to make sure you have Slovakia travel insurance or private medical plan for robust and comprehensive coverage against medical emergencies abroad.

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Some Important Information on Slovakia Travel Insurance that We Think You’ll Want to Know Before You Travel

Currency Euro
Most common languages spoken Slovak
Capital Bratislava
Continent Europe
Population Approx. 5.5 million
Plug type Plug type C and F
Driving side Right-hand side
Seasons Spring – March to May

Summer – June to August

Autumn – September to November

Winter – December to February

Laws Local laws and customs

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Do You Need a Visa for Slovakia Travel?

Canadians do not need a visa to enter Slovakia for stays up to 90 days whether for tourism, business or education since Slovakia is a Schengen area country. However, you need a work visa to work in Slovakia. If you intend to reside in Slovakia for more than 90 days, you need a resident visa.

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Important Travel Information and Things to Consider When Getting Slovakia Travel Insurance

The decision to travel to Slovakia is yours and you are also responsible for your personal safety abroad. But since we care about your safety and security, we provide you reliable information in our Travel Advice to help you to make well-informed decisions as you travel out of Canada.

Risk Level(s)

Slovakia – Take normal security precautions

Take normal security precautions in Slovakia.

Entry/exit requirements

Just like other countries, Slovakia decides who enters or exits its borders. In addition, the Government of Canada cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet the country’s entry or exit requirements.

The information on this page was obtained from Slovak authorities; however, it can change at any time. Moreover, you can verify the information with foreign diplomatic missions and consulates in Canada.


The entry requirements that apply to you depend on the type of passport you use for travel. Find out about passport requirements from your transportation company before you travel.

Regular Canadian Passport

Since Slovakia is a Schengen area country, you are expected to hold a passport valid for a minimum of 3 months beyond your duration of stay in Slovakia.

Passport for official travel

Different rules may apply. Learn more about official travel here.

Other travel documents

The entry rules that apply when traveling with a temporary passport or an emergency travel document may differ. Find out about entry rules from the closest diplomatic mission for Slovakia before you leave.

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Learn more about Slovakia Healthcare Details and Slovakia Travel Insurance

Slovakia has both public and private hospitals and health facilities. Although the standards of care in Slovakia is good, it is not comparable with what is obtainable in Canada. Also, medical treatment could be expensive and some doctors may require cash payment. So, you need to travel with enough money to cover potential costs and the right Slovakia travel insurance to cover unexpected medical conditions.

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Slovakia Travel Insurance News

Prof. David Scheffel, an anthropology professor from Thompson River University (TRU) in Kamloops, British Columbia, was jailed in Slovakia since November 2017 after being accused of child pornography, armed trafficking, and sexual violence.

Scheffel’s request for bail was denied in early 2018 but he made a second plea for release to the Slovak court filed on April 4. Scheffel said that he feels vulnerable and claimed that his imprisonment has something to do with his research on juvenile Romani prostitutes and also to his previous advocacy on behalf of Roma.

In a letter written from jail and passed to a friend, Scheffel explained his predicaments. He added that the university has been helping him in a subtle but meaningful way.

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Slovakia Travel Insurance FAQ

Can I buy multiple travel insurance policies?

You can buy multiple travel insurance policy if you are not satisfied with the benefits and features offered by a single policy. However, the policies should be purchased from different insurers.

Does travel insurance cover doctor visits?

Slovakia travel insurance covers the cost of outpatient services including doctor visits.

Can I buy travel insurance the day I leave?

You can buy Slovakia travel insurance the day you leave or even later. Some insurers now offer usage-based policies that can be purchased and managed on the go. They also allow you to purchase coverage of smaller amounts.

How long does a travel insurance claim take?

The actual time it takes to get an outcome for your claim depends on the type of claim you intend to make, but if you provide necessary documents to your insurer, you should get an outcome in 10 to 14 business days.

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