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About New Brunswick

New Brunswick Health Insurance Plan

Learn about New Brunswick Health Insurance Plan

New Brunswick is the third least populated province in Canada, surpassing only Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. Together with Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, it is one of the three Maritimes in Canada. The trio alongside with Newfoundland and Labrador make up the Atlantic Provinces in Canada. The indigenous people to the province before the area was colonized by the Europeans include the Mi’kmaq, the Maliseet, and the Passamaquoddy people. Along with Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, New Brunswick was one of the founding provinces of Canada in 1867.

Based on the height and weight data collected in 2009-2010, 63% of adults aged 18 and older and 24% of children aged 12-17 in New Brunswick, were found to be overweight or obese.

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Manitoba Health Plan Services

What Does the Provincial Plan Not Cover?

British Columbia’s public health insurance is known as the Medical Service Plan (MSP). This plan includes the cost of medically required insured doctor services.  The plan covers several services but some services are not covered; these include:

  • Services that are not medically required such as cosmetic surgery.
  • Regular eye examination for residents between 19 and 64.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • The services of paramedics such as chiropractors, physical therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage therapists and so forth.
  • Certificates, tests and medical exams required for school or university, employment, life insurance, driving a motor vehicle, immigration purposes, recreational activities etc.
  • Screening tests and preventive services without evidence of medical effectiveness.

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Optometric Services Not Covered by the Provincial Plan

MCP covers several optometric services for British Columbians; however, some optometric services are not covered. The following optometric services may not be covered.

  • Routine eye exams for patients aged between 19 and 64.
  • Only medically required conditions are covered. These include ocular disease, injury or trauma, systemic diseases related to the risk of ocular health, and medications associated with a noticeable risk to ocular health.
  • Services rendered by optometrists who are not enrolled in MSP are not covered.

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Prescription Drugs Not Covered by the Provincial Plan

The pharmacare program is designed to provide coverage for prescription drugs. BC pharmacare is one of the most inclusive drug programs in Canada. However, pharmacare does not cover the following services:

  • Drug costs above the maximum drug price recognized by Pharmacare.
  • Drugs or supplies purchased from pharmacies that are not enrolled in the Pharmacare program.
  • Drugs purchased over-the-counter unless the drug is eligible under a specific PharmaCare plan.

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Dental Coverage Not Covered by the Provincial Plan

MSP provides coverage for dental services to BC residents. However, the dentist is required to enroll in MSP. Moreover, only dental services listed under MSP dental benefits are covered.

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New Brunswick Health News

The staggering increase in HIV cases in New Brunswick is a provincial concern. Since January, up to 16 new cases of HIV have been reported, which is more than what public health expects for the province in a single year. The report shows a whopping 175% increase in HIV cases in the province with 69% of the cases coming from Fredericton and Oromocto area alone.

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Statistics about New Brunswick Health Insurance

New Brunswick Health Profile for 2013 showed a total of 442.6 cancer incidence per 100,000 population as compared to 404.9 cancer incidence per 100,000 population for the rest of Canada. The figure is even higher for men with a cancer incidence of 532.9 per 100,000 population for New Brunswick and 464.6 cancer incidence per 100,000 population for the rest of Canada.

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How can I enroll in the plan?

If you are eligible for the plan, you can enroll by printing and completing the application form and mailing or faxing it to the provided address. You can have the form mailed to you by calling 1-855-540-7325.

Can I still apply to the plan if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, you can apply to the coverage irrespective of your pre-existing medical condition.

Does the drug plan cover every drug in the market?

No. the drug plan only covers approved drugs currently on the New Brunswick Drug Plan formulary which adheres to the national drug review process.

Can I leave the plan at anytime?

Yes, you cancel your membership and withdraw your application at any time by calling 1-855-540-7325.

Can I change my payment or personal information?

Yes. You can change your personal or payment information by filling out the Personal and Payment Information form in the New Brunswick official website.

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