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Windsor Travel Insurance Overview

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When traveling outside Canada, you need to prepare and plan for so many things. You might be busy planning your destination resort or hotel, travel documents and even your activities in your destination but before setting out on the trip, you need to make sure you have Windsor travel insurance. Your Windsor travel insurance can save you a lot if an unexpected illness, accident or injury occurs. But you also need to be sure you are getting the right coverage that covers everything you want at the best price. Call Insurdinary for the best Winsor travel insurance quotes. We can connect you to insurance advisors in Windsor who will guide you to get the appropriate coverage for you.

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Windsor Travel Insurance Details

Getting the Best Travel Insurance in Windsor

No one wants to get additional coverage, especially when it is not obvious you will need it. Most Canadians rely so much on their provincial coverage, even when they travel outside Canada. But if you really need adequate coverage, you need to get additional coverage suitable for your lifestyle and requirement before you travel. When you call Insurdinary, we will link you to an expert insurance advisor who will help you to compare policy options and choose appropriate Windsor travel insurance.

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Windsor Travel Advisory

Before traveling outside Windsor or Canada, it is very important to know the weather condition of your destination country. The travel advisory for popular destinations is designed to help Windsor residents to know their destination’s weather condition before traveling.

Windsor Airport

Windsor has an airport. The airport in Windsor serves regional air travel, airline passengers and commercial cargo transportation in the city.

Here are the airport in Windsor:

Moreover, it is equally important to plan your travel times and route when purchasing Windsor travel insurance.

Choosing the right airport limos

You will need an airport limo or taxi to get around your destination on your trip. However, it is important to shop around for the best limo service available in Windsor and you should equally book for reservation early to get the best price.

  • Courtesy Transportation - (519) 977-9700 - 1212 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1J5
  • Windsor Shuttle - (519) 977-0000 - 1346 California Avenue Windsor, ON N9B 3A1
  • Airport Personal Transportation - (519) 250-6587 - 225 Emery Drive, 310, Emeryville, ON N0R 1C0
  • Vip Shuttle Services-Windsor - (519) 974-5466 - 2850 Jefferson Blvd, Windsor, ON N8T 3J2
  • Windsor Airline Limousine Service - (519) 256-2621 - 350 Tuscarora Street Windsor, ON N9A 3L7

Windsor Travelers Story

David Williams, a Belle River man, and his wife Carol are snowbirds and had traveled to Tampa Bay for winter stays; thankfully, the couple has travel insurance coverage. Williams had a heart attack on January 4, 2018, but his insurer wanted him back home for medical care and surgery. According to Williams, his American cardio doctor advised him not to wait any longer, after he had waited three weeks in a hospital near Tampa. The surgeon said he was prepared to do it for free.

Williams had double bypass surgery on January 24, 2018 and he was cleared to travel back home on February 12. The insurance company provided a nurse to accompany him. The case of Williams added intensity over the already ongoing debate on the obvious shortage of intensive care beds in Ontario.

During Question Period on Monday, the Progressive Conservative interim leader, Vic Fedeli blamed the tragedy on the government stating that the government has refused to properly fund hospitals across the province. According to Williams, the medical attention at the Brandon Regional Hospital in the east of Tampa was outstanding but the cost was very expensive. The grand total of the medical bill for William’s heart attack was US$673,161.98.

Williams noted that he understands why the insurer did not want the operation to take place in Florida. The bills are indicative of why they wanted it to hold in Canada.

Andrea Horwath, an NDP leader, also blamed the tragedy on the Liberals in the Legislature on Thursday and also on Friday in Windsor. She cited the case of a London man, Joe Glowacki who had a heart attack in Arizona who was flown back home but there was no hospital bed at the hospital.

However, Premier Kathleen Wynne agreed that the incidents are tragedies but she said that intensive care beds were available in hospitals in Ontario. Also, Wynne blamed the disconnect between the insurer and the health system for the ordeal. But MPP Taras Natyshak said that the Ontario’s hospital overcrowding issue is a tragedy. He further added that the Premier was wrong in calling it a disconnect and that she is throwing blames to the wrong party.

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