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Victoria Travel Insurance Overview

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You surely don’t hope to get ill when you travel but illness, accident, and injuries do not announce themselves before happening. Sadly, the cost of healthcare in some countries like the United States could be very high. Without adequate coverage, an illness might leave you bankrupt. Call Insurdinary for travel insurance quotes Victoria residents can pay. At Insurdinary, we will connect you to insurance advisors who will guide you to get the best coverage available to Victoria residents.

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Victoria Travel Insurance Details

Getting the Best Travel Insurance in Victoria

Your provincial plan covers a lot but it does not provide the necessary coverage when you leave your home province. In other words, you could have to fork over a lot of cash to pay medical expenses, and unfortunately, even a minor bruise could cost thousands of dollars and major surgeries could cost tens of thousands of dollars. You can have security and peace of mind when you get comprehensive Victoria travel insurance. We can connect you to insurance advisors who will guide you to get the best travel insurance suitable for your needs.

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Victoria Travel Advisory

The weather condition in most travel destinations differs. You would want to be sure that the weather of your travel destination is favorable before embarking on the trip. The travel advisory for popular destinations can help you to know the weather of your choice destination before you travel.

Victoria Airport

Victoria has an airport, two water aerodrome, and four heliports. The aviation facilities are located in the Greater Victoria Area and serve regional air travel, airline passengers and commercial cargo transportation. Victoria International Airport is the tenth-busiest airport in Canada in terms of passengers, and the second-busiest airport in the Canadian province of British Columbia in terms of aircraft movement and passengers.

The airport in the Greater Victoria Area includes:

  • Victoria International Airport -

It is necessary to plan your travel routes and times to make sure you get to your local airport at the appropriate time.

Choosing the right airport limos

When planning your trip, you need to plan for the best airport taxi or limo service to use. With several limo services and airport taxis in Victoria, you would need to shop around in order to select the best options available to you. You might also need to book early to make sure you choose the best taxi service at the best price.

  • LA Limousine – (250) 391-9000 - 27085-772 Goldstream Ave, Victoria, BC V9B 2X3
  • Regent Limousine - (250) 380-1911 - 4226 Rossiter Dr, Victoria, BC V8N 4S7
  • Arbutus Limousine - (250) 589-0000 - 1516 McRae Ave, Victoria, BC V8P 1G5
  • Victoria’s Finest Limo Service - (778) 402-1666 - 1581 Hillside Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 2C1
  • Ascot Limousine Services - (250) 812-2775 - 75 Songhees Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 7M5

Victoria Travelers Story

Paul Fletcher had heart issues but his doctor gave him the approval to embark on a trip to Mexico in March 2011. However, he experienced chest pain three days into his trip that failed to subside after he used nitroglycerine tablets. As a result, Paul made an arrangement to return to B.C early.

His symptom worsened during his return and thankfully, the airport landed at a scheduled stop in Seattle. Fletcher was taken to a Seattle hospital by ambulance and was diagnosed with severe coronary artery disease by the cardiologist. Paul was then transferred to the intensive care unit at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle and there he received emergency bypass surgery.

Fletcher’s group plan provided by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada had a travel insurance section; he sought his bill of US$181,140 to be paid via the travel insurance section of the plan, however, he had to file a lawsuit when the insurance company’s agent denied his medical claim.

The insurance company argued during the trial that Fletcher’s claim should be denied because he already had the medical condition before departure as provided in the company’s insurance policy. However, B.C. Supreme Court Justice, Jacqueline Dorgan ruled the case in favor of Fletcher because he had adequately consulted his doctors about his health before the trip.

As noted by the judge, one of the doctors determined that the angiogram procedure could be postponed until he returns from his trip. As a result, the judge concluded that Paul’s condition was stable before he embarked on the trip. Hence, the judge entitled Fletcher to be indemnified for the medical expenses he incurred in Seattle while returning from his trip.

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