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Manitoba Travel Insurance Overview

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Manitoba Health does not cover every medical service incurred when you travel outside Manitoba or Canada. You can buy additional Manitoba travel insurance policy to cover for services not covered by Manitoba Health.

Call the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) to get information on the type of life and health insurance you can get when you travel outside Canada.

Toll Free: 1-888-295-8112

In Toronto: 416-777-9002

Manitoba Travel Insurance Details

Is Manitoba Health Cover Travel Insurance?

Uncertainties can happen when you travel ranging from trip cancellation and medical emergencies. You need comprehensive coverage that would cover you against such uncertainties when you travel. Manitoba Health provides coverage for out-of-country travels, however, the coverage could be limited. If you need additional coverage, you should consider getting Manitoba travel insurance plan provided by private insurers. Call Insurdinary for Manitoba travel insurance coverage available to residents. We will connect you to insurance advisors who will guide you to get the best coverage available to Manitobans.

Manitoba Health can provide requisite coverage when traveling to some other Canadian provinces. The coverage pays back the amount equivalent to the services offered in Manitoba. You might need additional coverage from private insurers to cover additional expenses or when traveling outside of Canada. It is also important to have your health card even when in Manitoba or outside the province to get medical attention.

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Traveling outside Manitoba for study

You need additional medical insurance if you plan to school outside Manitoba. Moreover, it is necessary to fully understand what Manitoba Health offers to make the most of the policy when you travel. It is very important to get comprehensive Manitoba travel insurance coverage when you travel outside Canada for education, especially if you are pursuing an accredited full-time study.

For more information about traveling outside Canada, check the ministry’s Fact Sheet "Traveling outside Canada"

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Traveling outside Manitoba for Work or Business

Manitoba Health can only go thus far in covering you outside Canada when you travel for work or business. When traveling for work or business outside Canada, you need additional coverage. It is equally important to understand what Manitoba Health covers and the extent and limits of the coverage, this will help you to know additional features to opt for in the extra coverage.

To get more information on traveling outside Canada, check the Manitoba Health Fact Sheet "Traveling outside Canada".

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Manitoba Travel Insurance News

In a news release on the Manitoba government website, Manitobans are advised to purchase travel health insurance to get additional coverage before traveling out of the province. The Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living recommends that Manitoba residents should explore insurance options offered by private insurers to supplement the provincial health insurance plan, especially when traveling out of the province.

When Manitobans admitted to hospital or see a doctor in another province or territory, payments are made in the rate established by the province or territory’s health insurance. The payments are made or billed through a reciprocated agreement established between the provinces and additional amounts may be charged and the patient is responsible for the additional amount.

The additional amounts are charged by private clinics for the use of their facilities, supplies, materials, and drugs. The charges are not insured under the provincial health plan, especially when provided in a private facility and therefore the patients will have to cater to the cost.

Furthermore, the Manitoba government reminds residents that health care service in other countries, especially the United States can be much more expensive than in Manitoba. Manitoba Health covers out-of-country emergency health care at the daily rate provided in the province. Moreover, the maximum coverage for emergency health care for Manitobans is C$100 per visit.

Manitobans in a foreign facility may spend more than the limit covered for Manitobans and the individual is responsible for the balance between the fees charged and what the Manitoba government pays.

Manitobans are expected to obtain original itemized receipts for bills directly from a doctor or a hospital. The receipts are required to be submitted within six months from the service date to the Insured Benefit Brand of the province. It should be translated into English if necessary. Also, Manitoba Health does not insure ambulance services. Unless residents purchase additional travel insurance that includes this service, Manitoba residents are responsible for the costs.

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