Northwest Territories Pet Insurance

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Northwest Territories Pet Insurance Overview

Northwest Territories pet insurance

Learn about Northwest Territories Pet Insurance

Like other Canadian jurisdictions, Northwest Territories has well-defined procedures to follow if you want to own a pet. Although insurance is not included in these procedures, pet parents who want to take good care of their pet really need to make plans for Northwest Territories pet insurance even before they get a pet.

In Northwest Territories, pet insurance can assist you in taking care of pet-related medical expenses from accident and illness to hospitalization and surgery. With pet insurance, you can even cover additional or optional coverage such as general wellness coverage and you may also cover non-medical situations such as the loss of a pet.

Pet insurance is crucial especially if you want to take good care of your pet but before taking out pet insurance it is important to carefully research the pet insurer and the insurance policy. You need to find out what the policy covers, its waiting periods, stipulations, exclusions, limits, and also what applies as to the breed and age of your pet. It is important to read the policy carefully before making a claim.

Pets become prone to genetic diseases as they age. Sadly, pre-existing conditions are not covered by Northwest Territories pet insurance policies. This is why you should insure your pet as early as possible. By insuring your pet on time, you will be able to get comprehensive coverage no matter the medical condition.

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Buy The Right Northwest Territories Pet Insurance

Pet insurance costs, features, and products differ from one insurance company to the other. As a pet parent, you want to get the best coverage both in terms of cost and features. You want to offer your pet the best coverage available but you also want to do that within your budget and make sure you are not ripped off of your hard-earned money.

This is why you need to research and compare policy options before choosing Northwest Territories pet insurance. But when choosing pet insurance coverage, it is better to go for a broad coverage than a narrow or specific one. The major reason why most people take out pet insurance is to cover medical emergencies, unexpected events and so forth. A broad coverage will provide the financial protection you need in case of unexpected or unforeseen events.

Make sure that the Northwest Territories pet insurance covers the following before you choose the coverage:

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Emergency care
  • Prescription medication
  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions
  • Hospitalization
  • Specialist care, and
  • Surgery

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Northwest Territories Pet Insurance and Veterinary Hospitals

  • Great Slave Animal Hospital - Kam Lake Rd, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P7 - (867) 873-2579
  • Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic - 308 Woolgar Ave, Yellowknife, NT X1A 3B5 - (867) 920-7387

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Pet Insurance Terms

  • Co-insurance – This is the percentage of the cost of the claim that the insured is responsible for, especially after taking out the deductible. For instance, if the co-insurance is 20%, the insured is responsible for 20% of the cost of the claim.
  • Deductible – This is the agreed amount of money that the insured has to pay before the insurance coverage will come into effect.
  • Pre-existing condition – Medical conditions that the pet was diagnosed with before the start date of the pet insurance policy are known as pre-existing conditions. Northwest Territories pet insurance providers do not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Breed exclusion – Depending on the pet insurance provider, some pet breeds may be excluded from the insurance policy. This implies that hereditary conditions common to that breed will not be covered by the policy.

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Northwest Territories Pet Insurance FAQs

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What does pet insurance actually cover?

What to Ask Before Purchasing Pet Insurance

Before taking out pet insurance Northwest Territories, it is crucial to know what the coverage entails. This is why you need to ask questions and make well-informed decisions from the start. Furthermore, before you make a claim, make sure you understand what is covered and what is not covered by the policy.

Here are some questions to ask before taking out Northwest Territories pet insurance:

  • What is covered and what is not?
  • What illnesses and injuries are covered in the insurance?
  • What makes up an accident?
  • Does the policy include out-of-country or province coverage for my pet?
  • Are there breed-specific exclusions?
  • Is there any benefit or effect on my plan if I enroll multiple pets?
  • How long does it take to process a claim?
  • Is there any waiting period before I can make my first claim?
  • Will my premium change over time or as my pet ages? Will it increase if I make a claim?
  • How do I make a claim? Do I have to pay the veterinary upfront?

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