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Learn More About UL Mutual Health Insurance plans

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UL Mutual is one of the oldest insurance companies in Canada, founded in 1889. The insurer is renowned in the financial and insurance service market for its financial strength and moreover, its assets have been growing for more than 25 years.

UL Mutual has one of the best solvency ratios in the insurance industry in Canada, over 300%. It offers varieties of services such as personal life insurance and critical illness insurance, group insurance, and investment and retirement, and it is distinguishable by its speed of action, commitment to the community, and human customer service and client proximity.

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What are the Different Health Insurance Plans of UL Mutual

UL Mutual critical illness insurance is the health insurance plan offered by the insurer. It is designed to ensure that the insured does not lose paid premiums, no matter what happens. The insured will be refunded their entire premiums from their 10th anniversary or when they terminate their policy. If the insured dies without using critical illness insurance, the insured’s beneficiaries will receive 100% of the premiums.

Critical illness insurance includes two insurance products, namely:

  • AdapCI: This covers 24 critical illnesses and 4 non-critical illnesses.
  • AdapCI - Juvenile Plan: This covers 30 critical illnesses and 4 non-critical illnesses.

What Does UL Mutual Group Benefit Cover?

UL Mutual offers group insurance solutions to various companies and organizations throughout Canada. Furthermore, its group insurance is personalized to suit the needs of the business.

The group insurance benefits are shortly outlined:

  • Life insurance.
  • Life insurance for dependents.
  • Eye care insurance.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Prescription drug insurance.
  • Death and accidental mutilation insurance.
  • Death and accidental mutilation insurance for dependents.
  • Prescription drug insurance.
  • Health insurance.
  • Short-term disability insurance.
  • Long-term disability insurance.
  • Critical illness insurance.
  • Critical illness insurance for dependents.
  • Optional critical illness insurance.
  • Health management account.
  • Optional life insurance, and
  • Cost plus

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UL Mutual Health Insurance News

UL Mutual has over 250,000 mutualists insured in its insurance policy. It has a more than 300% working capital ratio and over $238 million of mutualist assets. Furthermore, the insurer has about $2.1 billion of assets.

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