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RBC Insurance Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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Providing the right and attractive group benefits plan is key to attracting and retaining quality employees in your organization. You want your employees to be dedicated and completely focused on your business, don’t you? You need to take care of their basic insurance such as health insurance, dental coverage, disability insurance, or even life insurance.

You can still offer additional benefits to your employees depending on how far you are willing to go and how valuable the employee is. However, the quality of the group benefit you offer depends on the insurer you choose. This is why you should carefully choose the insurance company or provider you opt for. RBC Insurance is one of the names to reckon with for quality group insurance.

RBC Insurance employee benefit packages are designed to be customizable and can be tailored to suit your organizational culture and structure while still providing the comprehensive financial protection you envisioned for your employees. Furthermore, RBC can work with you to design the group plan in such a way as to help you to save cost and make the most of the coverage.

With RBC Insurance employee benefit plan you will not just make sure that your employees are satisfied with your business but you will go a long way to ensure that the employees and their family members are safe. This will give your employees the motivation and peace of mind they need to focus entirely on your business.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

RBC offers three basic group benefits to give your employees and their families the protection they deserve. These include group life and AD&D insurance, group disability insurance, and group health and dental insurance.

The group life and AD&D insurance include basic life insurance, optional life insurance for employees who want more than the basic coverage, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

The group disability insurance covers short-term disability insurance, short-term disability advice to pay, and long-term disability insurance, while the group health and dental insurance cover prescription drug coverage, healthcare benefits, dental benefits, health spending account (HSA), survivor benefits and cost plus.

The healthcare benefits cover paramedic services, semi-private or private hospital room, private-duty nursing services, accidental dental coverage, medical supplies and services, eye exams and an optional vision care benefit, and out-of-province or country emergency medical travel insurance benefit.

Dental benefits cover recall exams, x-rays, scaling, filings, orthodontic services and major restorative services such as crowns, dentures, inlays, and veneers.

Furthermore, plan members can access Best Doctors Services, employee assistance program, wellness program, and discount programs. Plan administrators can take advantage of the HR support center, wellness toolkit, easy-to-implement digital wellness program.

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Employee Benefit News

RBC Insurance launched a digital solution to help group benefit solutions clients to take better care of their employees. The new solution is offered free of charge to group benefits clients with health coverage. It can be accessed through the My Benefits app or through the online group benefits portal.

Employees can gain access to a personal health management dashboard through the digital solution. Features such as health risk assessments, personalized content in a newsfeed, peer-to-peer recognition, and personal and corporate challenges are available in the dashboard. These are all intended to encourage employees to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Julie Gaudry, the RBC Insurance senior director of group insurance said that the company understands the importance of employee wellbeing and how an effective wellness program will increase productivity and shape the workplace culture. She added that there are real obstacles for employers to implement and run a wellness program.

“Our wellness program makes it easy for employers to support their employees’ wellbeing by providing users with customized contents they are interested in, challenging them, informing them and rewarding them to make healthier choices”, Julie says.

In addition, the Wellness Program provides rewards and incentives to employees who meet their health-based goals. The rewards include cash back as well as discounts for purchases from up to a hundred different retailers.

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