New Brunswick Employee Benefits Program

New Brunswick Employee Benefits Program: The Coverage Overview
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New Brunswick employee benefits program is important for New Brunswick employers and businesses that truly want to hire and retain quality employees. With a good New Brunswick employee benefits program, you will not just ensure that your employees are secure but that they have the peace of mind they need to focus on your business.

If you want, you can design the New Brunswick group benefit plan in such a way that your employees can maintain their coverage even after leaving your company. The benefits program not only helps you to retain quality employees but it will help to protect your employees without additional costs.

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NB Employee Benefits Program Details

NB Employee Benefits Program Advantages

  1. Your employees and their family members will be protected against financial costs that could result from unexpected medical and dental expenses.
  2. Your employees will benefit from the tax-free health coverage in the group benefits plan.
  3. Instead of increasing your employees’ taxable salary, you can compensate them with the New Brunswick group benefit plan.
  4. In all costs associated with the group benefit plan, the employer will enjoy a tax deduction.
  5. The plan is administered automatically by an insurance company and the employer will benefit by providing the coverage at a fixed cost.

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NB Employee Benefits Program Benefits

New Brunswick employers provide several benefits to their employees by providing them with a New Brunswick employee benefits program. Some of these benefits are as follow:

  1. Life Insurance and Spousal/Dependant Coverage
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  3. Prescription Drug Coverage
  4. Paramedical Coverage (Chiropractors, Therapists, etc.)
  5. Group Pension Plans
  6. Group RRSP Plans
  7. Short Term Disability
  8. Long Term Disability
  9. Extended Healthcare/Visioncare
  10. Dental Coverage
  11. Out-Of-Country Emergency Medical (Travel)
  12. Critical Illness Insurance

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NB Employee Benefits Program Package

When setting up a New Brunswick employee benefits plan, the service of an experienced professional is required to get the job done and avoid running into the problem of steep cost and growing liabilities.

Brokers or benefits consultants can help you to get the relevant data and also offer you an expert guidance that could offer the best outcome in your benefits investment. Brokers are paid by the insurance company and they should be able to offer you their service at little or no cost.

It is also recommended that you get up to three proposals from different brokers in order for you to access the value and cost from various perspectives.

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NB Employee Benefits Program Savings

When creating an employee benefits program, employers need to make sure that they are making room to save costs, especially in the long-term. There are several ways you can save costs, these include the following:

  1. Considering the level of insurance or co-insurance.
  2. Capping or placing a limit on the amount of coverage.
  3. Adding deductibles into the insurance coverage.
  4. Sharing the cost of premiums between the company and the employees.
  5. Minimizing the carry-over of unused sick days.

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NB Employee Benefits Program News

About 7,000 New Brunswick residents who work in seasonal industries could qualify for about an extra five weeks of employment insurance under a pilot project worth $189 million announced by the federal government in August 2018.

The program is available to eligible seasonal workers in the Restigouche-Albert EI and Madawaska-Charlotte economic regions who start a benefit period from August 5, 2018, to May 30, 2020.

It is intended to address the gap between when a seasonal worker’s employment insurance benefits run out and when he starts up a job again – known as El black hole. The problem has resulted in several prospects on the Acadian Peninsula in 2018.

The announcement was made at a fish plant in Escuminac, Nova Scotia, just days before the provincial election campaign officially began by Jean-Yves Duclos, the minister of families, children and social development.

Duclos said they know that some seasonal workers have struggled for long to find sufficient hours of work to qualify for enough El benefits to take them through the off-season. He added that the key to finding long-term solutions help seasonal workers are economic diversification and economic development. However, the government understands that it is an important issue that calls for short-term actions.

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NB Employee Benefits Program FAQ

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