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Great-West Life Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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When it comes to offering the best-in-class insurance coverage, Great-West Life Assurance is one of the few Canadian companies one could easily choose. Moreover, Great-West Life’s group benefits are as robust as their individual plans as it boasts of customizable group benefits packages for all sizes and kinds of companies.

Businesses that need excellent and attractive group benefits plan could offer the best coverage to their employees with the features and plans offered by Great-West Life Assurance. You can choose a range of products with the help of Great-West Life’s experts and customize them to your exact requirements.

Great-West Life employee benefit packages are what you need to give your employees reassurance and safety to focus on your business. The plan will make it easy for you to protect your employees and their loved ones while saving cost for your business.

With Great-West Life employee benefit plans, you can go a long way to ensure that your employees (your greatest assets) are satisfied with your business. This is one step towards business growth. When your employees are satisfied and happy with you, they will do more to ensure that your brands grow. Satisfied employees will go beyond their usual work requirements to make sure that a business succeeds.

Rather than increasing your employees’ taxable salaries, you would rather compensate your invaluable and dedicated workers by offering them an attractive Great-West Life employee benefit package.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

Great-West Life Assurance offers so many features in the group benefit. The options make it possible for you to access the exact feature you want. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of the services of Great-West Life’s experts to build a plan that will be suitable for your organization.

The group benefits products and services offered by Great-West Life include healthcare benefits, dental care benefits, wellness, and disability programs, solutions for small businesses, life and accidental death and dismemberment benefits, healthcare benefits for retirees, specialty solutions, and technology solutions for your benefits plan.

The healthcare benefit includes several options from basic plans to specialty options. This includes coverage for prescription drugs, critical illness insurance, healthcare spending accounts, emergency travel coverage, and health & wellness site.

Dental care benefits cover basic coverage such as ongoing care and maintenance, major coverage which includes bridges, crowns, onlays, and dentures. It also covers orthodontic coverage such as ortho-exams, diagnostic radiographs, and casts, x-rays, retainers, and braces.

Wellness and disability programs cover prevention, early intervention, as well as recovery and return to work. The life insurance options cover employee life insurance, dependent term life insurance, optional term life insurance, group life insurance conversion, and many more.

It is also possible for group administrators to easily manage insurance products and plans, generate reports, access billing, and enrollment details.

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Employee Benefit News

A free, online tool designed to help in assessing leadership strategies relating to psychological health and safety has been launched by the Great-West Life Center for Mental Health in the Workplace in conjunction with Dr. Joti Samra.

The assessment known as the Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment (PSLA) was developed by a team of Canadian researchers led by Dr. Joti Samra, an innovator in the field of psychological health and safety in the workplace and the founder and principal of

The PSLA is designed to create a psychologically safe workplace where employees can function. It can help leaders to obtain feedback on how they implement effective strategies in five major areas, namely, communication and collaboration, social intelligence, problem solving and conflict management, security and safety, and fairness and equality.

According to Dr. Joti, evidence from PSLA indicates that employees who work for psychologically safe leaders have a higher chance to report higher job engagement and satisfaction as well as better psychological wellbeing and better workplace relationship.

Mary Ann Baynton, Program Director for the Great-West Life Center of Mental Health in the Workplace, said that the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace places importance on the need for organizations to make sure that organizational leaders have the training and skills to support psychological safety. She added that they intend to find a way to make sure that leaders and employers meet this requirement.

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