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Federated Insurance Employee Benefit Plan: The Coverage Overview
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Employees are the most important assets of every business organization; this is why every employer strives to hire the best quality employers. However, you don’t hire the best quality people by wish power, the more appreciated and compensated your employers feel, the greater the chance that they will stick with you.

Of course, it is great to increase the taxable salary of your employees, but the most effective way of compensating your employees is by offering them an attractive and appropriate group benefits plan. Federated Insurance Company of Canada offers some of the best group insurance plans for employers and organizations that will help you to hire and retain the best employees.

With Federated Insurance employee benefit plan, you will be able to protect your employees, their family or loved ones and also save costs for your business. Federated Insurance has partnered with third-party providers to offer comprehensive and flexible group insurance plan suitable for you and your employees.

The group benefit plan can help you to give your employees peace of mind, safety, and security. Your employees need the peace of mind to focus entirely on your business and to take your business to a higher pedestal.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

Federated Insurance offers several insurance coverages for employers and their employees.

These include life insurance, key person insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, dependent life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, extended health and prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, critical illness coverage, HSA health spending account, Acumin, Arive employee assistance program (EAP), and coreHealth+.

The key person insurance offers a tax-free death benefit that could be used for recruiting and training expenses and also repayment of debt. The coverage may be used to replace lost profits incurred while the employee is being trained.

Life insurance pays a lump sum to the insured’s beneficiaries to replace income loss when the employee passes away. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance provide a tax-free benefit that can help to replace lost income. Dependent life insurance pays the employees a tax-free benefit in the event of the spouse or a dependent child.

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Employee Benefit News

In August 2017, Canada’s highest court scheduled to announce whether it will hear an appeal over the cancellation of a motorist policy that resulted in convicting an individual of driving without insurance.

The Court of Appeal for Ontario released a ruling that restored an arbitrator’s decision to allow Federated Insurance Company of Canada to argue that Patrick Cadieux was insured by Intact Insurance company. This is irrespective of the fact that Cadieux was convicted of driving without insurance after being involved in a collision.

According to the court record, Cadieux was originally insured by Intact but the insurer canceled the policy for non-payment of premium before the accident took place. Cadieux collided with a truck on April 25, 2010, while driving with his car. Cadieux’s son was in the vehicle and the truck driver was insured by Federated Insurance.

According to Justice David Doherty of the Court of Appeal for Ontario in its unanimous ruling in early 2017, the son’s claim was submitted to Intact and the insurer is paying accident benefits. Furthermore, judges James MacPherson and Peter Lauwers all concurred with Justice Doherty.

The Court of Appeal for Ontario restored an arbitrator’s ruling that Federated Insurance is allowed to argue that Intact did not properly cancel Cadieux’s policy. According to Justice James Diamond of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Federated wanted to lead evidence that because Intact had not followed the appropriate procedures when purporting to cancel the policy, Cadieux was insured at the time of the accident by Intact.

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