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GMS Insurance Employee Benefit Plan

Employee Benefit Plan Overview

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Providing attractive group benefits plan is key to attracting and retaining quality people in your business. With so many insurance providers in Canada, it could be difficult choosing the right group benefits plan for your organization. However, you need to consider a group plan that can be customized to suit your organization’s goal while also meeting the specific and unique needs of your employees.

This is where GMS Insurance employee benefit plan comes in. With the group benefits package, you can protect your best assets (your employees) while making sure that you retain the best talent in your organization. GMS Insurance provides customizable group benefits plan that can provide health coverage to your workers as well as coverage to their loved ones.

Furthermore, GMS Insurance allows employers to save cost with the group benefits plan. In addition, you can create a custom plan that will suit any size and type of organization from small-size businesses to medium-sized and large enterprises. Moreover, several packages are covered in the plan ranging from drug and dental to travel and life insurance.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

GMS Insurance provides all-encompassing coverage to employers and their employees. Several packages are coverages are offered by the insurer. These include the Group Advantage and Custom Group Benefit Plans.

The Group Advantage plan could be silver, gold or platinum package. The silver package covers extended health benefits, 70 percent of prescription drugs cost up to $500, and $60 on eye exams every two years. The silver dental plan covers basic preventive care and routine procedures.

The gold plan covers extended health benefits, 80 percent of prescription drug cost up to $1,500, $150 on vision care every two years, and 30 days of travel up to $5 million coverage and an unlimited number of trips.  The gold group advantage dental plan covers major procedures such as dentures, inlays, crowns, veneers and so forth.

The platinum package covers extended health benefits 100 percent of prescription drug cost up to $5,000, $300 on vision care every two years, and 30 days of travel up to $5 million coverage and an unlimited number of trips. The platinum dental plan covers orthodontic services, major procedures, and basic services.

It is also possible to customize your group plan with GMS Insurance. This is usually the case if you have 11 or more employees. You can also add an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) to the custom group health plans.

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Employee Benefit News

GMS Insurance has for the seventh time been a top Saskatchewan employer. This is definitely not luck. Of course, there is no luck in attracting and retaining quality employees.

Medicorp Canada Inc. recognizes industry leaders who invest in their employees every year. These include employers who provide competitive benefits and compensation as well as a work culture that help to retain and attract the best quality staff.

GMS Insurance and its staff are committed to doing the best they can, working together to provide the best customer service and finding ways to do better. The successes recorded by the company enables them to give back to the community by supporting healthcare and also promoting healthy living via corporate donations and staff volunteer time.

The company is proud of being recognized as a top Saskatchewan employer in 2019. The success could not have been achieved without the efforts of the team of top employees who dedicate their talents and time to make sure that the clients live well and feel protected.

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Employee Benefit FAQ

Are there size limitations in the companies you offer benefits plan?

No. GMS Insurance offers benefits plan to companies of all sizes. Whether your company has three employees or more, you can take advantage of GMS Insurance to provide group benefits to your employees.

Can employees submit claims online?

Yes, employees can submit claims online. To submit claims, employees need to sign up for a My GMS account on gms.ca. This allows them to view processed claims and payments as well as to submit claims. They can also sign up for Claim Direct Deposit and also view their Explanation of Benefits any time.

Do you offer an employee assistance program?

Yes. We include our Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) automatically in our Group Advantage plans. Our EFAP is provided by Homewood Health and it can be added to any custom group plan.

Is it necessary for every employee to enroll in the benefits plan?

No. An employee who has health or dental coverage through a spouse’s plan may decide to waive that part of the benefits plan.

How do I apply for a group plan?

To apply for a GMS Insurance employee benefit plan, you need to contact the insurer. When you do, you will be connected with a GMS representative who will work with you to find a plan that will be suitable for you.

What happens if an employee retires or terminates employment?

An employee leaves the group plan when he retires or terminates his employment. However, such an employee is eligible for automatic acceptance into a GMS individual health plan and he can maintain such a plan without any interruption. The employee can call GMS customer care or visit the company’s health insurance section to get more details on the plan.

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