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Pet Health Insurance Canada – Compare Quotes Online

Most pet owners know that their furry friends are more than just pets, they’re family. That’s why it’s a no-brainer that our pets deserve the best care and protection when it comes to their health.

That’s where Pet Insurance comes in.

If you’re a pet owner in Canada, you need affordable yet comprehensive coverage for your pet’s medical needs. If they get injured or become ill, you want to be sure that they get the care they deserve without the high costs coming out of your pocket.

Simply enter your details on Isurdinary.ca and get quotes sent directly to your inbox! Then, compare your options side-by-side rather than having to comb over multiple insurance websites.

With Insurdinary, you save time and money when it comes to choosing the best pet health insurance for your canine or feline.

Save money and get the best pet insurance in Canada by comparing quotes online now.


What is Pet Care Insurance?

Pet care insurance, otherwise known as pet health insurance, is insurance that covers a portion or all of the veterinary costs if your pet gets sick or injured. Having pet insurance can save you loads of money compared to paying out of pocket for your pet’s medical care.

Pet insurance helps protect you from financial stress in the chance that your pet needs to go to the vet or animal hospital.

Pet Health Insurance – How it Works

Regular health insurance is for humans, pet insurance is for pets. Both types of insurance work in a similar way.

Rather than having to pay out of pocket for medical fees, surgery, or medicine, you simply pay a monthly fee to maintain insurance. Then, if your pet gets injured or falls ill, your insurance provider will cover a significant portion of the medical expenses. Not having insurance could result in thousands of dollars coming out of your own bank account if your pet falls ill or gets hurt.

Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

When it comes to any type of insurance, people always have the same question: is it worth it? While paying monthly for insurance may not make sense when you don’t need it, you’ll sure be glad you have coverage when you do.

Pet insurance protects you from financial hardship in the chance that your pet comes down with medical issues. You’ll be happy you got it, as your pet will have the care they need and you will save loads of money on vet bills.

  • Fewer Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Get Your Pet the Care They Deserve
  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Comprehensive Pet Insurance Coverage

How Much is Pet Insurance?

The cost of your monthly pet insurance premium will depend on the amount of coverage you want and the provider you choose to go with. The best way to find the most affordable price for pet insurance is to compare rates and plans online.

Pet insurance can cost anywhere from $10 per month to higher than $100 per month. With Insurdinary, you are sure to find the lowest rates in all of Canada.

Are Your Pets Protected? Get Coverage Now

health insurance quotes

Don’t wait! Our furry friends can be susceptible to illnesses and injury at any time. When you use Insurdinary, you get connected with Canada’s top pet insurance companies in just a few minutes. That way, you can look at plans, compare rates, and sign up fast. It’s that simple.

Protect your pets and save money on insurance fees with Insurdinary.

Find the Best Pet Insurance in Canada

The Coverage You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Your pet deserves only the best. But you may not have the budget for expensive, top-quality care. Fortunately, you can sign up for comprehensive pet insurance coverage without the high price tag. This is sure to keep you and your pet happy!

Get Canada pet insurance quotes from the top providers in the country. They’re competing to offer you the lowest rates for the best coverage money can buy.

Your pet and your pocketbook deserve nothing less!

Comprehensive Pet Insurance for Cats and Dogs

Pet Health Insurance for Cats

All animals deserve proper treatment and care. Whether you have a cat or a dog, you may be eligible to buy pet insurance. In most cases, if your cat or dog is under 14 years of age and lives in Canada, they are eligible for coverage.

Most providers cover cats and dogs of every size, color, shape, or breed. So no matter if Mr. Whiskers has a cold or Fido has a broken leg, with pet insurance you’ll have the coverage you need to ensure that they are taken care of.

Pet Insurance Canada – What Is Covered

While every pet insurance policy is different, pet insurance covers a wide range of services under most plans.

Pet insurance is meant to cover expenses associated with unexpected illnesses or injuries, such as:


Not certain which conditions are covered and which aren’t? Discuss your options with a a trusted insurance provider after signing up with Insurdinary.

Pet Insurance Canada – What Isn’t Covered

As with human health insurance, not every condition is covered under insurance. This is especially the case for pre-existing conditions. Again, coverage depends on your exact plan and provider.

Some things that may not be covered by pet insurance include:


Looking for the best, most comprehensive care for your pet? Try Insurdinary today!

Pet Insurance Comparison Canada – Get Quotes from Top Providers

You want the very best for your pet. That means getting them the medical care they deserve if they ever experience an unexpected illness or injury. You need to be prepared.

That’s why Insurdinary gets you connected with Canada’s top pet care insurance providers online. You can get quotes from multiple companies, compare plans, and choose the best price for you.

Not only that, but you are sure to get the medical care your pet deserves, even when the unexpected happens.

Get Rates from Canada’s Best Pet Insurance Companies


Get the Lowest Pet Insurance Quotes and Compare Plans Online

Does your pet need health insurance? If you’re concerned that they won’t be covered if they are injured or become ill, then pet insurance is the way to go.

With Insurdinary, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is covered and you don’t have to worry about high out-of-pocket veterinary costs.

Get Pet Insurance in Canada Today

Get the Best Price on All Types of Insurance

Need insurance for yourself, your loved one, or your home? Insurdinary has got you covered. Get affordable quotes for all types of insurance.


Pet Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The reasons for getting pet insurance just make sense, but we know you still have some questions. Get all of your questions answered in our FAQ section below.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a type of insurance that covers a portion or all of the medical expenses when your pet experiences an unexpected illness or injury. Pet insurance ensures that your pet can get the medical care they need without you having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for medical fees.

How does pet insurance work?

With a pet insurance plan, you pay a monthly premium to maintain coverage. Then, when your pet is injured or becomes ill, your insurance provider will cover some or all of the medical expenses from the vet or animal hospital. Without pet insurance, you would have to pay for these expenses out of your own funds, and this could cost hundreds of dollars or more.

What does pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance covers a wide range of services related to your pet’s unexpected illness or injury. While exact coverage may vary depending on your unique plan, pet insurance typically covers medicine, surgeries, hospitalization, broken bones, illnesses, and medical emergencies. Many pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

How do you get pet insurance?

There are many ways to get pet insurance. The easiest way is to use the Insurdinary portal to compare quotes from multiple insurance providers at once. You’ll get quotes sent directly to your inbox where you can compare plans and prices side-by-side. Then, all you have to do is sign up for the plan you like most.

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

As with any time of insurance, pet insurance is an investment that protects you and your pet if and when the unexpected happens. While you may not see the need for insurance while your pet is healthy, you’ll be glad you have it if they ever become ill or get injured. Paying a monthly premium could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long-run.

What are the best pet insurance plans?

The best pet insurance plan is the plan that provides the coverage your pet needs at a price you can afford. Coverage and rates will vary from provider to provider, so it’s important to compare your options. Rather than hopping from website to website, you can compare multiple providers with Insurdinary all in one place. That’s the best way to find the best plan for your pet.

How much should I pay for pet care insurance?

Pet insurance rates can range from $10 per month to over $100 per month. Typically, the more coverage you want, the higher your monthly premium will be. You should choose a plan that offers the most comprehensive coverage possible at a rate you can afford. Insurdinary makes it easy to find that perfect plan.

Can I get pet insurance in Alberta, Ontario, and other Canadian provinces?

Private pet insurance is available across all of Canada. As long as your cat or dog is under 14 years old and lives in Canada, you should be able to get coverage from nearly any Canadian pet insurance company. Try Insurdinary to get coverage in Ontario, British Colombia, Alberta, and beyond.

My pet is sick right now, can they still get covered?

If your pet is already sick, pet insurance will likely not cover their illness, as it is seen as a pre-existing condition. They will, however, be covered for future illnesses and injuries.

Does pet insurance start immediately?

Waiting periods for when pet insurance will take effect vary depending on the plan and provider. Speak to your chosen pet insurance provider in order to find out when your pet insurance coverage will start. The average waiting period is approximately 14 days.

Where can I compare pet insurance online?

You can compare pet insurance online at Insurdinary.ca. Simply enter your info and get quotes sent directly to your email inbox. Then, you can compare pet insurance plans and rates from Canada’s top providers in minutes.

How do I save money on pet insurance?

Insurdinary helps you save money on pet insurance by connecting you with the most affordable pet insurance quotes. We have partnered with countless Canadian insurance providers to match you with low rates based on the coverage you want for your pet.

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