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Allstate Employee Benefit Plan

Employee Benefit Plan Overview

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Canadian companies that truly want to attract quality employees should offer appropriate employee benefit plan. Interestingly, Allstate employee benefit plan is one of the best plans out there. Allstate designs its plan in a way to benefit both the employees and the company. The business will be able to protect its invaluable employees and their family and also retain quality people.

With a well-designed Allstate employee benefit plan, you will not just ensure that your employees are safe but you will make sure that they are satisfied with your organization. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure their dedication and commitment to your company and business which will ultimately guarantee the success and growth of your business.

With an attractive Allstate employee benefit plan, you will not just be protecting your employees and their family but you will be protecting your business. When carefully designed, the program can be cost-saving and also efficient.

Being a member of one of the largest insurance organizations in the world (The Allstate Corporation), Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is able to offer some awesome features in its group insurance. These include the Good Hands Network, large networks with over 2400 employees and agents and so forth.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

Allstate employee benefit plan will benefit your organization in several ways, thanks to the Allstate Good Hands Group Insurance Program.

Together with the topnotch customer and claims services, Allstate offers the best products and advice. The company basically offers group home and auto insurance program. The program is designed in such a way as to meet the unique needs of your organization.

The group plan does not pose any administration cost on the employer. Allstate will handle every aspect of the program, making it easy for anyone in your team to take part in it. This allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

With Allstate employee benefit plan, your organization will benefit from the superior advice and customer service, flexible payment options, zero service fees, prompt and 24/7 claims service and the Good Hands Network.

In addition, qualified applicants can benefit from preferred group rates on auto and home insurance and you can take advantage of the written guarantees on repairs made by Allstate preferred home contractors and auto repair shops.

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Employee Benefit News

The leading HR and benefits SaaS platform powered by insurance brokers, EaseCentral, announced on December 2018 that it is uniquely integrating with Allstate Benefits. The integration is expected to make the enrollment to insurance plan elegant and also help customers access its other offerings through its platform. The partnership is expected to allow employers across the world to offer Allstate’s plans to their employers at lower costs and resources.

The integration enables employee enrollment using EaseCentral to be done electronically. This is expected to speed up the enrollment process, increase the security of employee information transmission and minimize the chances of human error. The partnership brings Allstate’s benefit plans directly to businesses via an online portal.

David Reid, CEO and co-founder of EaseCentral said that the biggest challenge to offering a comprehensive benefits package for many small and medium-sized businesses is dedicating resources such as time and money to enrollment, education, as well as continued management of several plans. He added that EaseCentral is solving that problem for a lot of employers, making it easy for them to leverage the benefit offerings from Allstate Benefits.

The integration enables EaseCentral to be working with over 55,000 employers servicing 1.3 million enrollees. Since it was established in 2012, the company has continued to grow and its growth increased in momentum.

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Employee Benefit FAQ

Is Allstate a good company?

Allstate is best known for its car insurance policies but the company also offers several financial services. It is a good choice for businesses that need a reliable employee benefits plan for their employees.

Does Allstate have health insurance plans?

Allstate Canada does not have an explicit health insurance coverage but Allstate agents can offer limited and supplemental benefits insurance coverage that can cover for hospital stays, doctor bills as well as non-medical expenses. These benefits come handy in the event of cancer, accident, critical illness or disability. You can find out about the coverage option that works for you by talking to an Allstate agent.

What do Allstate benefits cover?

The group voluntary accident coverage offered by Allstate covers cash benefits for out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accidental injury.

What does Allstate Canada offer?

Allstate offers several insurance services and benefits including car insurance, off-road insurance, motorhome insurance, and so forth.

What benefits are offered by Allstate employee benefit plan?

Allstate employee benefit plan offers benefits such as 24/7 claims service, superior customer service, and advice, flexible payment options, zero service fees, preferred group rates on auto and home insurance for qualified participants, the Good Hands Network, and so forth.

What does Allstate Good Hands Network offer?

You will benefit from the Allstate Good Hands Network when you join the Allstate Good Hands Group Insurance Program. This enables you to contact Allstate anywhere, anytime and any way.

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