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Quebec Funeral Insurance

Quebec Funeral Insurance Overview

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A funeral is a celebration of a person’s life; although most people don’t want to think about their funeral, death is inevitable. You want to be celebrated and remembered at your death and at the same time, you may not want your funeral to become a financial burden to your loved ones. This is why you should hire accredited funeral directors in Quebec to plan your funeral and ensure that the event is successful.

A funeral director in Quebec is a qualified professional who understands the dynamics of a funeral. The funeral director will help you to choose the exact type of funeral you desire and customize the event to your taste. This would ensure that the wishes of the deceased and his family will be fulfilled.

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Quebec Funeral Insurance Details

Quebec Bereavement Authority

The government of Quebec regulates the activities of funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral directors, transfer services and so forth through the Services Quebec. Services Quebec protects citizens in line with the Burial Act of the Legis Quebec. This stipulates the guidelines that should be followed for funeral-related services in the province.

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Quebec Obituary and Mortality Rate

Mortality rate and the number of deaths in Quebec have fluctuated over the years. The data from Statistics Canada shows that between 2013 and 2017 Quebec has the highest mortality rate per 1,000 population of 7.8. In the period considered, Quebec mortality rate increased from 7.5 in 2013 to 7.7 in 2017.

Obituaries are becoming increasingly popular in Quebec. When someone dies in Quebec, it is customary to post a notice of death in newspaper or online. Furthermore, the obituary may include information on the funeral, cremation or burial services.

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Quebec Funeral Insurance Guide

No matter how strong you are, you will probably face a difficult moment when you lose your loved one. However, the government of Quebec provides guidelines on what to do in a death. This includes steps to follow, the benefits you can obtain and the responsibilities of the liquidator of an estate.

You can leverage the step-by-step guide provided by Services Quebec to understand how to approach the government and agencies after death.

You can download the 2018 edition of the “What to do in the event of death” here.

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Quebec Funeral Insurance News

After an increase in the number of deaths due to recent extreme heat and humidity, the Montreal Morgue has become so overcrowded. As a result of this, the coroner’s office had to partner with a funeral home in Montreal where some bodies will be transported.

Dr. Jean Brochu, Montreal coroner said that it would not be long that the 128 places in the morgue will be filled especially with more than 15 bodies arriving almost every day. He further added that he has never seen the morgue overcrowded in a normal situation, the only time he has experienced such situation is during renovations.

Brochu made this response after public health officials reported the death of five more people in Montreal due to a week of high temperatures. This brought the city’s death toll to 33 due to the recent heat wave.

Dr. David Kaiser who works with the city’s public health office said that most of the people who died in the city were part of the vulnerable populations, a majority were above the age of 60. According to Kaiser, most deaths were caused by chronic illnesses but it may be possible to conclude that the high temperatures have played a part in the number of deaths.

The major reason why the morgue is filled to capacity is that a lot of bodies have not been claimed, Brochu added. However, the coroner was asked to speed up their examination process and contact the families of the deceased quickly.

However, Brochu added that it may still take months for a body to be claimed even after the process. In a particular case, it took three years for the body to be claimed and the body was already buried before it was claimed. Brochu said that the bodies that have spent the longest time at the morgue are the ones moved to the funeral home.

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Quebec Funeral Insurance FAQ

How Much Does It Cost For Funeral Insurance?

On average, a funeral insurance policy costs about $50 per month. However, the premium paid by most people depends on their age, health, gender, and the face amount you purchased. But, the most common face amount purchased by most people is $10,000.

What’s the Difference Between Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance?

Both life insurance and funeral insurance pay a lump-sum amount, but funeral insurance pays a higher amount. However, life insurance covers long-term financial security while funeral insurance caters to short-term burial expenses.

What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?

A Quebec funeral insurance policy pays a lump-sum amount up to $15,000 to your estate in the event of your death.

Who Is Legally Responsible For Funeral Costs?

The cost of the burial, funeral or cremation should be paid out from the deceased’s estate but if the deceased’s family cannot afford the burial, he can sign a release form with the office of the coroner. The state or county will pitch in for either burial or cremation.

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