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Well Woman Insurance – Enhanced Plan

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BMO Well Woman – An Excellent Insurance for Female with Cancer

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Canada and it is responsible for 30% of all deaths. As of 2017, 103200 Canadian women were diagnosed with cancer and 38,200 women died from it. Breast cancer accounts for almost 25% of all new cancer cases in women. The worst of the matter is that women undergoing cancer face a lot of emotional and psychological trauma. Such women need to be supported and they need adequate financial support to recover fast; that is what Well Woman provides.

Well Woman is a financially risk-free package that provides you the option to get your premiums back after 20 years if you do not make a claim. It provides the insured a tax-free benefit that can be used to obtain the best medical treatment possible, cover expenses, replace lost income and so forth. The plan offers a guaranteed acceptance to the insured provided she provides a declaration of health, even if her family has a history of cancer.

Overview of the Coverage Benefits of this Plan

Well Woman – Enhanced plan provides up to $50,000 in cash benefits which includes $6,000 for surgery related to the diagnosis, $200 for 100 days up to $20,000, $1000 per month for 12 months or until death up to $12,000, and a cash payment of $12,000 if she survives the waiting period of 30 days.

  • Female Canadians between 18 and 55 can enroll in this plan.
  • Your acceptance in this plan is guaranteed even if your family has a history of cancer provided you sign a declaration of health.
  • As long as you continue paying your premium, the plan will cover you up to your 70th
  • The plan also includes a 30-day free look. This allows you to cancel your coverage any time within the first 30 days without any additional obligation.
  • Up to seven female cancers are covered by the plan.
  • You have the option to request for a refund if you don’t make a claim for 20 years. This means that the plan is void of any financial risk.
  • The insured has an access to the Best Doctors program.
  • The plan provides a cash benefit up to $50,000 to help the insured to recover fast. The cash benefit cover surgery related to the diagnosis, monthly cash payment if he survives the 30 day survival period and so forth.

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