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Transition Simplified Issue

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Transition Simplified Issue – A Critical Illness Insurance Without Medical Exam

Procuring insurance coverage becomes very difficult for people suffering from critical illness. This is why insurance providers conduct medical exams and blood test to determine your condition before providing their insurance coverage. However, IA Transition-Simplified Issue can be purchased without any medical exam.

You only need to answer few questions relating to your health to obtain this insurance coverage. The processes are easy but several benefits are included in the package. Furthermore, Transition-Simplified Issues covers up to 4 illnesses.

Features Available in IA Transition Simplified Issue

Provided your critical illness falls into one of four illnesses covered in this plan, the IA Transition Simplified is guaranteed to offer the insured robust protection that ensures payment of medical bills and hospitalization. Besides, the premium for this plan is guaranteed not to increase.

  • Up to four illnesses are covered in this plan.
  • You don’t need a medical exam to procure this coverage.
  • The insurance premium will never increase.
  • Your beneficiaries can receive the entire premium you paid in this plan after your death.
  • You can also recover every iota of premium you paid after a specified number of years.

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