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Accidental and Sickness Hospitalization

TD Insurance health insurance plan

TD Accidental and Sickness Hospitalization – The Best Insurance for Hospital Expenses

Healthcare costs have gone astronomical nowadays. If you are hospitalized due to an illness or injury, the last thing you want to worry about is finances. You simply want to focus on your recovery. Luckily for you, TD provides the TD CASH (TD Coverage for Accident and Sickness Hospitalization) that covers additional costs and expenses that may arise if you are hospitalized.

A lot of costs could spring up when you are hospitalized. Costs like private and semi-private hospital care could make the cost go pretty high. Interestingly, some of these costs could be covered by the accident and sickness coverage provided by the government but the government plan can only go thus far, it does not cover all hospitalization costs. TD CASH can complement the government coverage to offer you the comprehensive protection you need.

Key Features in TD Accident and Sickness Hospitalization Insurance Plan

TD CASH provides protection for hospitalization as a result of new illnesses and accidents alike. If the insured is hospitalized in Canada at least for two days, he will receive a benefit up to $200 each day which can be spent any way he wishes. Furthermore, the benefits of this plan will be reduced by 50% when the insured turns 65. The coverage ends when the insured turns 75.

  • The plan provides protection for hospitalization for both accidents and new illnesses.
  • It also helps to complement the government accident and sickness insurance plan to offer you a more comprehensive coverage.
  • If you are hospitalized outside Canada for a minimum of two days, the plan will pay you a benefit up to $200 each day. You can spend the benefit paid to you in any way you choose.
  • You are eligible for this plan if you are a TD Bank Group customer and also resident in Canada and between 18 and 60 years old.
  • As long as you continue paying your premium, your coverage will remain active till age 75. In addition, your acceptance to this plan will be guaranteed. And, the plan does not require any medical examination or health questionnaire.
  • The coverage starts at $7.25 each month with the inclusion of tax.
  • If you are hospitalized for more than 48 hours, the plan will pay you a cash benefit equal to one day of daily hospital benefit. This is known as Recovery Benefit.
  • The insurer has the right to change the premium rates with 30 days advance notice. Your premium will change without notice to you if the rate changes.

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