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The 'Apollo of Dogs' is a joy to have in your home. They're easygoing, sweet-natured, and make great guard dogs.
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Great Danes Pet Insurance Overview

Great Danes pet insurance

Learn about Great Danes Pet Insurance

If you are looking for a strong dog breed to serve as the home guard, Great Danes might be just the right choice. They are large and noble, and are usually referred to as the “Apollo of dogs”. They are sweet and affectionate pet but looks terribly imposing. Irrespective of their stature, Danes are gentle with children and love to play.

The history of Great Danes is cloudy. No one is sure how the breed came to be associated with Denmark but it is generally referred to as a German breed. This dog breed was once used by German nobles to hunt violent wild boars. The breed was thought to result from the crossbreeds of English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.

Of course, Great Danes are powerful, elegant, and strong breed with regal appearance but like every other breed, they may be prone to certain health problems. It is important to take out the right Great Danes pet insurance as soon as you purchase your dog to be sure that it is well protected against the financial consequences of unexpected health problems and medical emergencies.

Most pet insurance providers in Canada do not cover pre-existing conditions. These are medical conditions diagnosed before the policy’s start date. In fact, some providers do not cover conditions caused by a pre-existing condition. This is why you should take out the coverage before a pre-existing condition occurs. When taking out Great Danes pet insurance, make sure you carefully go through the policy and be sure you understand the waiting period, stipulations, exclusions, and limits.

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Why Great Danes Pet Insurance Is Important

Like most large dogs, Great Danes are prone to hip dysplasia as they grow old. Furthermore, Great Danes have a fairly slow metabolism and as a result, it consumes less food and has less energy.

Furthermore, they are also prone to certain hereditary diseases as well as congenital heart diseases. Hip dysplasia, for instance, can cost over $5,000 in treatment and some heart diseases may even cost more in veterinary care.  To take care of your pet, you need a pet insurance policy that covers most conditions Great Danes might develop.

Although the cost of veterinary care is less when compared to human medicine, you might still feel the strain if you decide to pay out of pocket. With Great Danes pet insurance coverage, you will be able to take care of your furry friend the way you want.

Here is a list of common sicknesses Great Danes might develop:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gastric Torsion
  • Bone Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Wobbler Disease, etc.

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Great Danes Pet Insurance Statistics

Origin: Germany

Average Height: 30 – 32 inches (male), 28 – 30 inches (female)

Average weight: 140 – 175 pounds (male), 110 – 140 pounds (female)

Life expectancy: 8 – 10 years

Colors: Black, Brindle, Mantle, Fawn, Harlequin

Exercise Requirements: 20 - 40 minutes per day

Temperament: Reserved, Devoted, Gentle, Confident, Loving.

Health: They are healthy overall but prone to conditions like hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, bone cancer, heart disease, wobbler disease, etc.

Energy level: Average

The tendency to Bark: Low

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Great Danes Pet Insurance News

A four-year-old Arizona-based Great Dane, Cleo, gave birth to 19 puppies and is slowly preparing to bid farewell to her record-tying litter.

Owner and lead surgeon Erika Agnone of the February delivery said it was a lot. “We just started calling up staff and family members saying, ‘hey, we have a big C-section’ come on down”, Agnone added.

Describing the situation, Agnone said the puppies were just shooting out one after the other and he was handing off to technician after technician. 17 puppies survived the delivery, but two did not.

Cleo’s litter tied the record of another Great Dane’s litter in 2014. However, Guinness World Records recorded the largest litter in 2004 involving a Neapolitan Mastiff who delivered 24 puppies. One of the puppies was stubborn and more than three died in the first week of the delivery.

The Great Dane is native to Germany. The breed is known for its size. According to the American Kennel Club, both male and female Great Danes stand about 30 inches high and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. They have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years.

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