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These charming dogs are graceful and gentlemanly. They love to play and they get along well with other dogs and people.
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English Setters Pet Insurance Overview

English Setters pet insurance

Learn about English Setters Pet Insurance

Standing no more than 27 inches at the shoulder and weighing no more than 80 pounds, the English Setter is a medium-sized dog. He’s a sporting dog with good looks and good temper. AKC describes him as a “solid dog with beauty and charm”. The breed is so named because it sets or crouches low when it found birds, allowing hunters to capture them.

Historians believe that English Setters were developed in England by crossing several hunting dogs such as spaniels and pointers. It is thought that the modern-day Setters were developed by Edward Laverack and R.L. Purcell Llewellyn. Laverack developed gentle and companionable dogs but the dogs perform poorly in field trials. Llewellyn developed the breed further by crossing them with other breeds to improve their speed and scenting ability.

Today, English Setters still have these unique qualities and attributes that distinguish them and they are excellent family companions.  Most pet owners want the best for their dog. Of course, you should provide the best dog food, exercise and care to your furry friend but most importantly, you need to take out English Setters pet insurance.

With the right English Setters pet insurance, you will be able to provide the best veterinary care for your pet without considering the cost. However, before taking out pet insurance, make sure you understand what the policy covers and what it does not cover. It is important to read the policy documents and also ask the right questions before taking out the pet insurance policy.

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Why English Setters Pet Insurance Is Important

Just like any other dog breed, English Setters are susceptible to certain health problems. A 2010 survey conducted by the Louisiana State University involving 701 English Setters reported that congenital deafness affects 12.4 percent of the dogs. Some other conditions that affect English Setters include hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and so forth.

Most of these conditions cost thousands of dollars in veterinary treatment. For instance, hip dysplasia may cost up to $5,000 in vet treatment. Some conditions, especially those requiring multiple surgeries, may even cost tens of thousands of dollars.

You don’t have to spend such an amount of money out of pocket, you can take out English Setters pet insurance as soon as possible to get the assistance you need in paying pet-related medical expenses.

Here is a list of common sicknesses English Setters might develop:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • hypothyroidism
  • Deafness
  • Elbow dysplasia, etc.

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English Setters Pet Insurance Statistics

Origin: England

Average height: 25 – 27 inches (male), 23 – 25 inches (female)

Average weight: 65 – 80 pounds (male), 45 – 55 pounds (female)

Life expectancy: 11 – 15 years

Colors: Blue Belton, Orange Belton, Liver Belton, Tri-color, Chestnut Belton, Lemon Belton.

Exercise Requirements: More than 40 minutes per day

Temperament: Mischievous, Friendly, Affectionate, Eager, Mellow, Hard-working, Merry, Strong Willed, Intelligent, Gentle, People-Oriented, Companionable, Energetic, Playful.

Health: They are healthy overall but prone to conditions like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, deafness, etc.

Energy level: Very energetic

Tendency to Bark: Low

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English Setters Pet Insurance News

A 14-year-old English Setter, Pete, and his owner Stephen Parisi met a black bear when hiking at Monksville Reservoir in New Jersey in February 2018.

As a result of the rain, the bear, which was sheltering, was unable to smell Stephen and so he became startled.

Pete protected his owner and the other four dogs. He held off the bear and when he was sure that his owner and the other dogs were safe, he returned to drive the bear away.

Speaking to BBC, Stephen’s wife Cathi Henn said that the bear had only a 180-degree turn to exit. The bear was not ready to turn its back on anything it was scared of and so it came for Stephen and the other dogs.

Pete got severely injured during the process. Since Stephen could not carry the dog, he wrapped him up in a waterproof jacket and pulled him along the ground to his car. The injury could have left the dog unable to walk and so the owners, Stephen and Cathi, determined to put him down.

“I want to remember him as the happy-go-lucky dog he was. I want to remember him running through the woods, always with his tail wagging”, Cathi said.

Pete’s story went viral on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It got 1,000 likes on Instagram. The couple is shocked by the response the story got.

Cathi said they are upset about their dog. “We are devastated”, she said, “all this love for Pete is great but we would happily trade it for one more day with him”.

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