Bluetick Coonhounds Pet Insurance

These sweet and affectionate dogs have a tremendous drive to catch prey. They are bold, single-minded, and can get up to mischief.
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Bluetick Coonhounds Pet Insurance Overview

Bluetick Coonhounds pet insurance

Learn about Bluetick Coonhounds Pet Insurance

The Bluetick Coonhound is a relentless and bold dog. He has a big bawl mouth and a pleading expression. The breed has a droopy ear and a ticked black-and-blue pattern in their coat. Bluetick Coonhounds should never be neglected, else they will develop problem behaviors.

As a descendant of the French Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the English Foxhound, this breed has a noble history. The dogs were brought to the United States during colonial times. Blueticks are slower than their sister coonhounds but they have a better scenting ability. The breed has been the University of Tennessee’s sports mascot since 1953.

Whether you need them just as a companion dog or for their scenting ability, Bluetick Coonhound is a wonderful dog that deserves affection and care. Not only does he crave affection but he will be devoted to you as long as you provide it. It is important to take out Bluetick Coonhounds pet insurance as soon as you purchase your dog to provide robust protection to your furry friend against medical emergencies, accidents, illnesses and hospitalization.

The coverage options offered by Canadian pet insurance companies may differ. This is why you should be careful when choosing the coverage. It is important to compare policy options and different coverages to choose the best option for your pet. You should also compare the cost and value of the pet insurance before taking out Bluetick Coonhounds pet insurance coverage.

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Why Bluetick Coonhounds Pet Insurance Is Important

Although Coonhounds are generally hardy and healthy dogs, they may be prone to certain illnesses and genetic diseases, especially as the dog grows old. As a large dog, standing up to 27 inches at the shoulder it is not a surprise that the breed may be prone to musculoskeletal issues like hip dysplasia. However, they are also prone to other conditions like patellar luxation, bloat and so forth.

As you would expect, most of these medical conditions will cost thousands of dollars in veterinary treatment and rehabilitation. Rather than coughing out a lot of money to treat your pet, you could take out Bluetick Coonhounds pet insurance for assistance in paying pet-related medical expenses.

Pet insurance could also cover routine procedures such as vaccination and checkups. You need to carefully read the policy documents and know how much coverage you have before you take out the Bluetick Coonhounds pet insurance coverage.

Here is a list of common sicknesses Bluetick Coonhounds might develop:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Gastric torsion or bloat
  • Cataracts
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Cancers
  • Thyroid problems
  • Coonhound paralysis
  • Krabbes disease, etc.

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Bluetick Coonhounds Pet Insurance Statistics

Origin: The United States of America

Average height: 22-27 inches (male), 21-25 inches (female)

Average weight: 55-80 pounds (male), 45-65 pounds (female)

Life expectancy: 11 – 12 years

Dog Breed Group: Hound Group

Exercise Requirements: More than 40 minutes per day

Temperament: Intelligent, Smart, Friendly, Devoted, Active, Tenacious.

Colors: Blue Ticked, Blue Ticked & Tan

Health: They are healthy overall but prone to conditions like coonhound paralysis, thyroid problems, hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, autoimmune thyroiditis, gastric torsion, patellar luxation, etc.

Energy level: High

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Bluetick Coonhounds Pet Insurance News

The dog breed which has been the University of Tennessee’s sports mascot since 1953 is now Tennessee’s state dog

The state’s governor Bill Lee signed the bipartisan bill into law on March 20. The bill was introduced in early February by Rep. Bill Beck from Nashville and it got unanimous votes from the House and Senate.

Since Smokey X was first introduced in  September1953, the Bluetick Coonhound has been as synonymous with the Tennessee Volunteers as Power T’s and checkerboards.

Furthermore, no dog breed has served as a Tennessee’s state dog before Smokey’s anointment, rather cats and dogs adopted through Tennessee animal shelters and rescue served as an official pet in the state.

By signing the bill into law, Tennessee has joined other 13 U.S. states who have official state dogs. The first state to choose an official dog breed was Maryland when they named Chesapeake Bay Retriever as the state symbol in 1964.

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