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Ontario Life Insurance Overview

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The cost of life insurance in Ontario is not higher than life insurance cost in other Canadian provinces. However, Ontarians usually pay higher life insurance rates because of the higher cost of living in the province. Although you need adequate life insurance coverage, the cost of life insurance in Ontario should not break the bank. Call Insurdinary for the life insurance quotes for Ontario residents to make sure you obtain the best rates at the most affordable costs. We will connect you to highly experienced insurance advisors who will provide you with the best Ontario life insurance quotes that suit your needs and budget. Life insurance coverage is undeniably a necessity. With the cost of everything skyrocketing from groceries to real estate, you can imagine the difficulty life will pose without adequate life insurance coverage. The effect of the lack of adequate Ontario life insurance coverage could be more than you could ever imagine. You could end up leaving your dependents without any inheritance or allowing your family to face the brunt of the storm if you lose your income. Moreover, you could also spend more than necessary on life insurance if you fail to shop around to choose the right life insurance or if you lack informed advice on how to spot the right life insurance for you. However, with our services at Insurdinary, you can be sure of an optimal result in your Ontario life insurance. The insurance advisors will guide you and help you to get competitive quotes. You are only a call away from the affordable life insurance. To learn more about life insurance in Ontario click here.

Ontario Life Insurance Details

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To find the right Ontario life insurance coverage for you, you need to know exactly what you want and how to get it. It is important to go for just the right amount of coverage you need. You don’t have to go for too little or too much life insurance, both extremes will cost you more than you could imagine. Moreover, it is also important to review the policy options offered by several insurance companies to choose the best of the options at the most competitive price. However, you could end up spending unnecessary time comparing dissimilar insurance services. Why spend all the time in the world comparing quotes and finding the right Ontario life insurance services when you can take advantage of the expert services we render to make life easier for yourself. The services offered by our expert insurance advisers will ensure that the process is not only faster but also easier. No matter the kind of life insurance coverage you need, we will connect you to insurance advisors who will help you to select the various life insurance quotes offered by life insurance companies in Ontario at the best rates. You can be sure of the best Ontario life insurance rates whether you are looking for a whole life or term life insurance. You can count on the insurance advisors to compare and save on the right life insurance coverage for you. To get a life insurance quote click here.

Ontario Life Insurance News

Sun Life Insurance is denying the long-term disability benefits of Sandra Bullock who works in an administration role for a large company in downtown Toronto. After paying her disability benefits for a year, Sun Life terminated her coverage, insisting that she should be able to return to work since she is able to take care of her nine-year-old son, Jacob, who has an extra chromosome and a mental development of a two-year-old. However, all of Bullock’s doctors say that she is not yet capable of returning to work. Bullock’s lawyer, James Fireman said he is shocked that an insurance company that should provide a safety net to customers should use someone’s ability to cater for his child as an excuse not to pay benefits. Moreover, Bullocks is suing Sun Life for $5.53 million plus the return of her benefits as well as some other extra charges. Her lawyer has already filed a claim statement early November in the Superior Court of Justice. Meanwhile, the director of corporate communications for Sun Life, Gannon Loftus, expressed their concern about Sandra’s health and well-being and gave assurance that her case is their primary focus. He assured that their team is working to resolve the issue. To learn more about Ontario life insurance issues, click here.

Ontario Life Insurance Statistics

Financial Services Commission of Ontario calculates the number of companies that represent 80% of major products to determine the level of competition in the market. The number of companies that represent 80 percent of the Ontario life insurance market share in 2016 is as follow 5 companies for Accident and Sickness, 6 Annuity and 7 for Life. The total premium dollar volume for life insurance industry in 2016 was 48.9 percent (representing $23,496), while the premium dollar volume for the property and casualty insurance industry was 50.3 percent ($24,194). Other insurance companies account for 0.8% ($371). To learn more about Ontario life insurance statistics, click here.

Ontario Insurance Regulatory Body

The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) is a body that regulates insurance brokers in Ontario. RIBO was established in 1981 and regulates professional competence, licensing, ethical conducts and financial obligations related to insurance. To learn more about Ontario insurance regulatory body click here.

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