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Most Canadians have little or no knowledge or prior experience when faced with organizing a funeral. When such an event becomes imminent, you need the service of an accredited funeral director in Prince Edward Island to organize a successful event and ensure that it is carried out with dignity and professionalism.

A funeral director will offer you a range of options on what funeral to choose and will guide you to make the right choice. An experienced funeral director will ensure that the wishes of the deceased and those of his loved ones are fulfilled.

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PEI Bereavement Authority

The Prince Edward Island Funeral Services and Professions Board was established in line with the province’s recent Funeral Services and Professions Act and supporting Regulations which became effective on January 1, 2016.  The Prince Edward Island Funeral Services and Professions Board comprises two members from the PEI Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association, a member at large and a government member.

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PEI Obituary and Mortality Rate

Prince Edward Island has recorded a decreasing mortality rate per 1,000 population over the years. The mortality rate plummeted to 7.7 in 2016 from 8.6 in 2015 but thereafter rose again to 8.7 in 2017. In general, the mortality rate in PEI decreased from 8.8 in 2013 to 8.7 in 2017.

An obituary in Prince Edward Island is usually organized to provide a notice of death in a newspaper or online. It may include a brief biography of the deceased and also details about the burial, cremation or funeral service.

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The Prince Edward Island Funeral Services and Professions Board provides support to residents in prearranging and arranging funeral, burial or cremation services in the province.

The activities of funeral homes, funeral directors, crematories and cemetery operators, transfer services and so forth are regulated by the board in line with the Funeral Services and Professions Act.

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More and more people in Prince Edward Island are choosing to have funeral services in funeral homes than in churches. According to Chris Gallant, a manager at Central Queen’s Funeral Home, about 40% of clients choose to have funeral services on-site instead of in church, up from 20% 15 years ago.

As a result of the new development, the New Glasgow funeral home is planning to have a major expansion which would include adding an embalming room and a chapel to its facility. Lois Lajeunesse, president of the board of directors for the funeral home said that the makeshift chapel made from the wake room is always full.

According to Gallant, there are many reasons why people prefer to use funeral home facilities for services. Gallant added that some people who are not attached to a local church in the area are looking for a non-denominational type of service and usually, the funeral home can offer the chapel service to them.

If a larger funeral service is planned, space may be a factor. Some rural churches around are smaller and so the funeral home may offer a larger space in the area, Gallant said.

Owners of some other funeral island in PEI said they have noticed a similar trend. The owner of Rooney Funeral Home located in Alberton, David Smith, said he added a chapel to his funeral home two years ago due to demand from clients.

Most Catholic families still prefer a church service but people from other denominations and non-churchgoers are choosing funeral home services. The major reason is that it is convenient to have it at the funeral home, he added.

Furthermore, the owners of MacLean Funeral Home Swan Chapel in Charlottetown and Moase Funeral Home in Summerside said they have observed the trend in recent years and noticed that more people are choosing onsite services.

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