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Ottawa - Gatineau Funeral Insurance Overview

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Funerals are not usually convenient but they are necessary, after all, we will all die someday. Every Canadian wants to be celebrated at death; this is the purpose of a funeral. A funeral is worth doing and it should be properly done. But how do you organize a successful funeral, what are the things you need to do? Sadly, most people don’t have the experience and prior knowledge to organize a successful funeral and this is where the service of an accredited funeral director in Ottawa-Gatineau may come in.

A funeral director in Ottawa-Gatineau will render the maximum assistance to you in order to ensure that you have a successful funeral. With such a service, you will be able to choose the most appropriate funeral for you and ensure that the process is carried out with dignity and professionalism. This would make sure that the wishes of the deceased and his loved ones are fulfilled.

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Ottawa - Gatineau Funeral Insurance Details

Ottawa - Gatineau Funeral Bonds

No matter how frugal you are, you need to spend some money on your funeral or that of your loved one. A funeral is a celebration of a person’s life and it requires your best. This is why you should consider investing in a funeral bond.

A funeral bond is a reliable investment. It is portable and flexible and also backed by a capital guarantee. The bond amount is only paid out on death and must be used for the funeral. Also, the bond is not tied to your specific location in Ottawa-Gatineau and it is indexed annually. Contact your Ottawa-Gatineau funeral director for more information about funeral bonds.

The funeral bond in Ottawa-Gatineau has the following benefits:

  • Funeral bonds in Ottawa-Gatineau do not have entry or exit fees.
  • By investing in a funeral bond, you will be able to ensure that your funeral goes exactly as you intend.
  • Earnings from Ottawa-Gatineau funeral bonds do not affect your position on personal income tax in the city.

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Ottawa - Gatineau Obituary and Mortality Rate

The mortality rate and risk of death are generally higher in males than in females in Ottawa-Gatineau. However, the mortality sex gap is closing up by the day as the mortality rate among males is decreasing. The age-standardized mortality rate in 2007 was 593.1 deaths per 100,000 males and 405.8 deaths per 100,000 females.

An obituary may not be mandatory but it is an important process done in remembrance of a recently dead resident in Ottawa-Gatineau. Usually, a notice of death is placed on a newspaper and it often includes a short biography of the deceased.

Ottawa - Gatineau Funeral Homes Listings

  • Tubman Funeral Homes - 403 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E9 - (613) 722-6559
  • Kelly Funeral Home - Walkley Chapel - 1255 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 6P9 - 1255 Walkley Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 6P9
  • Whelan Funeral Home - 515 Cooper St, Ottawa, ON K1R 5J1 - (613) 233-1488
  • McEvoy-Shields Funeral Home and Chapel - 1411 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON K1V 1A6 - (613) 737-7900
  • Cole Funeral Services - 2500 Baseline Rd, Ottawa, ON K2C 3H9 - (613) 831-7122
  • Beechwood Cemetery - 280 Beechwood Ave, Vanier, ON K1L 8A6 - (613) 741-9530
  • Maison Funeraire Racine, Robert & Gauthier Funeral Home - 180 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON K1L 1B4 - (613) 241-3680
  • Hulse, Playfair and McGarry- Central Chapel - 315 McLeod St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1A2 - (613) 233-1143
  • Cadieux Tubman Funeral Homes and Crematorium - 185 Bd Maloney O, Gatineau, QC J8P 3V7 - (819) 663-8383
  • Heritage Funeral Complex - 1250 Trim Road, Orléans, Ottawa, ON K4A 3P7 - (613) 830-2305

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Ottawa - Gatineau Funeral Insurance News

Organizers of a peer-counselling group for funeral home workers in Ottawa created their own service since they had difficulty in finding help for mental health challenges for their industry.

Melanie Giroux, the co-founder of Ottawa-Funeral Peer Support and embalmer with Ottawa’s Hulse Playfair & McGarry funeral home, said they are trying to create a network. He said they want to be able to bring people into the group and also allow the group to expand to other parts of Canada. The aim is to provide assistance to funeral directors throughout Canada. He added that everyone needs the service.

Very little research has been focused on the trauma suffered by people who work in a funeral home. But a peer counselling facilitator for the group said he is amazed at how the stories of funeral workers are to those of police officers and paramedics.

Giroux said she has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and she believes the injury caused by the daily experiences of funeral workers is vicarious trauma. She added that funeral workers deal with the trauma experienced by other people.

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Ottawa - Gatineau Funeral Insurance FAQ

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What Is the Difference Between Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance?

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