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Nova Scotia Funeral Insurance Overview

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When faced with a funeral in Nova Scotia, most people hardly know what to do. A lot of Canadians do not have prior experience and knowledge to conduct a funeral. One way to make sure that your funeral is conducted professionally and with dignity is by preplanning and pre-arranging it. You need the service of an accredited funeral director in Nova Scotia whether your funeral is imminent or you intend to preplan.

A funeral director in Nova Scotia offers a range of services, allowing you to choose the exact kind of event you want. This would help you to customize your funeral the way you want. With an accredited funeral director, you can easily save money, especially when you preplan. The funeral director will ensure that the wishes of the deceased and the loved ones are met.

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Nova Scotia Funeral Insurance Details

Nova Scotia Bereavement Authority

Service Nova Scotia is the arm of the Nova Scotia government responsible for supervising the activities of funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral directors in the province. The body is also responsible for issuing cemetery and funeral company license, cemetery and funeral services salespersons license, funeral home license, and crematorium license. These activities of Service Nova Scotia are supported by the Nova Scotia Embalmers and Funeral Directors Act of 1989.

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Nova Scotia Obituary and Mortality Rate

Nova Scotia has one of the highest mortality rates in Canada. The number of deaths and mortality rate has fluctuated over the years but peaked in 2015. The province’s mortality rate per 1,000 populations in 2013 was 9.4; this reduced to 9.3 in 2014 and increased to 10.0 in 2015. Nova Scotia's mortality rate then reduced to 9.5 in 2016 and increased again to 10.0 in 2017.

An obituary in Nova Scotia is a notice of death published online or in a newspaper and providing details about the accompanying funeral, burial or cremation processes. The obituary may also include a short biography of the deceased.

Nova Scotia Funeral Insurance Guide

Service Nova Scotia provides support to individuals and helps them to prearrange and arrange funerals, burials or cremation services.

Crematories, cemeteries, funeral homes and funeral directors can obtain a license and obtain a guide on their services here.

You can also contact Service Nova Scotia by using an online inquiry form, by phone or via email.

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Nova Scotia Funeral Insurance News

A funeral director in Dartmouth, N.S., has recently established his funeral home in an industrial park strip mall and is now beating competitors by offering services at low cost.

Other funeral homes in the province are upset that the government went against its own regulations to issue a license to Donald K. Walker Funeral Directors Ltd. The government’s regulation forbids funeral homes from being attached only to a residence, monument display room or flower shop and nothing more.

Alan MacLeod, president of the Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia said in a letter written in October to Service Nova Scotia Minister Geoff MacLellan, that the decision is a bureaucratic one that will shake the very foundation of the funeral profession.

According to the Nova Scotia government, it received the application from Donald K. Walker and carried out a pre-licensing inspection of his operation. The government further stated that it issued Walker a traditional license because the province is reviewing the funeral homes governing regulations. It also pointed out that after the review, the license status will be revisited depending on the review result.

In a discussion paper issued by the provincial government, the rules dealing with what other businesses can be attached to a funeral home could be removed. According to Donald Walker, times have changed and he is simply giving the public what it earnestly wants.

Walker’s storefront is situated at the end of a Burnside Industrial Park strip mall. The strip mall houses a printing company and is located adjacent to a cleaning business that restores buildings after water damages, fires, and suicides.

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Nova Scotia Funeral Insurance FAQ

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