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Calgary Auto Insurance Overview

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Calgary has a private auto insurance system. Although the Calgary auto insurance rates are regulated by the Automobile Insurance Rate Board, car insurance companies in the city compete for business and as a result, the rates vary widely.

In some cases, Calgary auto insurance rates may vary by hundreds of dollars and in some other cases, they may vary by thousands of dollars. You definitely don’t want to spend an extra thousand dollar when you can get it for less, do you? This is why you should compare quotes in order to save money on your Calgary auto insurance premiums.

Insurdinary is created to help you compare Calgary auto insurance rates easily. We work with several insurance advisors in Calgary who will help you to compare insurance rates from the top insurance companies in Canada, making it easy for you to save on your coverage.

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Calgary Auto Insurance Details

Auto Insurance things that you should know

Calgary auto insurance rates charged by different car insurance companies on the same car and driver may differ. In fact, the difference might be in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. This provides you an interesting option to compare oodles of car insurance companies in Calgary and choose the cheapest and the best coverage.

However, comparing several Calgary auto insurance companies could be a herculean task. With so many car insurance companies in Calgary, it might take light years to call around and compare quotes from various providers; you don’t want that, do you? Thankfully, Insurdinary was established to solve this problem.

We can connect you to experienced insurance advisors in Calgary who will make the job a lot easier for you. Our insurance advisors compile Calgary auto insurance rates from various companies to help you in comparing various policies in order to save on your coverage. You will be working with an experienced and licensed insurance professional and you can ask questions and get expert guidance on Calgary auto insurance.

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Best Driving Schools in Calgary

  • Universal Driving School - 818 Westwinds NE #247, Calgary, AB T3J 3Z5
  • My Way Driving - 5810 2 St SW #201, Calgary, AB T2H 0H2
  • Instruction Zone Driving School - 98 Hawkmount Green, Northwest, Calgary, AB T3G 3T9
  • Moxie Driving Academy - 18 Cougar Ridge Crescent SW, Calgary, AB T3H 4X7
  • Proactive Driving School - 9620 Elbow SW, Calgary, AB T2V 1M1

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Calgary Collision Reporting Centers

Collision reporting may be necessary when a collision occurs between two or more motor vehicles or between a motor vehicle and an object. You are required to report collision if it results in damage or injury above $2,000; you may also report collision if you are a victim of a hit and run.

Download a printable collision checklist to keep in your vehicle.

Collisions in Calgary can be reported in two ways. If injuries occur or the collision renders the vehicles un-drivable, call 9-1-1 or 403-266-1234 to report the collision. If the vehicle is drivable and no injury occurs, it is recommended to report the collision at any district office.

Moreover, it is required that you visit your local office with the vehicle involved and the driver to report the collision at any district office. You may be required to provide the operator’s license, certificate of registration for the vehicle involved, and proof of financial responsibility or proof of insurance for the vehicle.

It is also easy to obtain a police service collision report in case of a collision. You can request a collision report via mail or in person. You can get your completed driver’s copy of the Alberta Collision Report Form from

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Calgary Auto Insurance News

An Alberta man, David, changed sex to get cheaper car insurance. It all began when David received a quote of about $4,500 a year from an insurance company. The premium increased due to a collision and because he had a ticket on his record. David asked his insurer what his rate would have been if he were a woman and was told he would be able to save a whopping $1,100 to pay $3,400.

On hearing that, David was angry and decided not to be screwed anymore. He requested to have his gender changed on his auto policy but the request was declined.

A report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada shows that men under 25 are more at risk of auto accidents than women of the same age. This is the reason why their premiums are higher.

David realized that he had to change his gender on his driver’s license and birth certificate in order for it to reflect on his insurance policy. He also learnt that he required a doctor’s note to show that he was a woman, even if he wasn’t. As a result, David asked to be identified as a woman and the doctor wrote the letter – pretty simple.

After sending the note and some other paperwork to the provincial government, he received a birth certificate that indicates that he was a woman after a few weeks. David explained the situation as bittersweet. Although he was shocked, he was relieved and felt like he won. He changed his driver’s license and insurance policy and was able to save $91 a month on auto insurance.

According to David, “I am a man, 100% and legally a woman. I did it to get cheaper auto insurance”.

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