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Humania Assurance

A leader in health insurance products

Humania Assurance is one of the longest-standing insurance companies in Canada. It provides insurance to over 200,000 insured lives and delivers exceptional customer service to meet the needs of all clients.

25 years later

25 years after it was founded, in 1899, L’Union Saint-Joseph de Saint-Hyacinthe had 25 branches, 9 collection offices and 2,583 members.

Growing while respecting its values

Humania Assurance intends to pursue its development without forgetting its roots. Even today, its mission places a strong focus on supporting its members by offering them superior quality products and unbeatable service. The company is now setting its sights on expanding even further by pursuing operations in all Canadian provinces. In doing so, it will remain true to the fundamental values that have guided it for 75 years. Therein lies the best guarantee for future success!

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