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Burnaby Funeral Insurance

Burnaby Funeral Insurance Overview

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Most Canadians do not have the experiences and skills required to organize a funeral. But such an event that marks the celebration of one’s life requires a lot of planning. This is why it is usually necessary to hire an Accredited Funeral Director in Burnaby to handle the job and lift the burden off your shoulder. We make it easy for you to organize a funeral by providing you with a range of services and making sure that these services are handled with the utmost professionalism and dignity.

A funeral director will provide enormous assistance that would go a long way in making your funeral eventful. You can ensure that the desires of the deceased and those of his family members are met by hiring a funeral director.

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Burnaby Funeral Insurance Details

Burnaby Funeral Bonds

If you want your funeral to be successful, it may be necessary to set aside money to cover your eventual funeral cost in Burnaby. You can do this with funeral bonds. When you invest money in a funeral bond, the money can only be paid out when you die.

Funeral bonds are reliable investments backed by capital guarantees. In addition, they are flexible and portable investments and usually not tied to your specific location in Burnaby. The funeral bond in Burnaby has a maximum limit and it is annually indexed. You can get more information about the bond from your funeral director.

The funeral bond in Burnaby has the following benefits:

  • Money invested in funeral bonds is exempted by Social Security and Veteran’s Affairs from the means tests for government benefits.
  • The bonds do not have an entry or exit fee.
  • The amount you earn from the bond will not affect your personal income tax position in Burnaby.

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Burnaby Obituary and Mortality Rate

Burnaby has one of the lowest mortality rates in Canada. In November 2018, New West Hospital in Burnaby was ranked as having Canada’s lowest baby mortality rate. Little wonder the Canadian province of British Columbia has the highest life expectancy in Canada. In fact, B.C. was ranked as having the third highest life expectancy (82.2 years) in the world, below Switzerland and Japan.

An obituary is an essential procedure when someone dies in Burnaby. It is an interesting way to make an announcement to Canadians and the world at large about the exit of such a person. It also helps to recognize the contributions of the deceased to the society.

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Burnaby Funeral Homes Listings

  • Ocean View Funeral Home and Burial Park – 4000 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC V5J 1A4 – (604) 435-6688
  • Raincoast Funeral and Cremation Services Ltd. – 116-618 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver, BC V5X 0B1 – (604) 326-1454
  • Bell & Burnaby Funeral Chapel – 4276 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 2J6 – (604) 298-2525
  • Forest Lawn Funeral Home – 3789 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3M1 – (604) 299-7720
  • Kearney Funeral Services Burnaby Chapel – 4715 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K8 – (604) 299-6889
  • Burquitlam Funeral Home – 625 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3J 1P2 – (604) 936-9987
  • Batesville Canada Ltd – 8131 Wiggins St, Burnaby, BC V3N 5G4 – (604) 523-4940

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Burnaby Funeral Insurance Related Pages

Burnaby Funeral Insurance News

No one is excited by the thought of pre-arranging his own funeral, in fact, such thought could be intimidating. Whether you are planning your own funeral or that of a loved one, funeral planning usually occurs at the most difficult time and it could be overwhelming. You have to bother about the catering and floral arrangement, choosing the location and speakers and so forth.

However, Forest Lawn Funeral Home staff says that prepaying and preplanning your own funeral could be more positive than you may think. According to Andrew Knapman, preplanning your own funeral will help you to save money and time.

Knapman also said that preplanning your own funeral is a way to make your wish known and save your family the stress of guessing what you would have wanted. He added that nobody wants to discuss their funeral with their loved ones but prearranging your funeral will help you to speak with the advisor and discuss the things you would want or not want at the funeral and your families will not have to bother about making the decision later.

You can also prepay the funeral after prearranging it. With the increasing cost of a funeral, you don’t want to pay more for your funeral. With Forest Lawn, you can lock in the price of your prearranged funeral and make sure it suits your budget. You can even pay over time. This way, your family will not have to pay extra when you die.

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Burnaby Funeral Insurance FAQ

What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?

Funeral insurance pays an agreed amount to your estate when you die. The amount is used to cover the funeral cost up to $15,000.

What Happens When a Family Can’t Afford a Funeral?

If you cannot afford a funeral, burial or cremation cost, you can contact the coroner’s office at your county to sign a release form indicating that you are unable to afford the burial. The county and state will pitch in to either cremate or bury the body.

What is the Difference Between Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance?

Both life insurance and funeral insurance pays a lump sum benefit but funeral insurance pays a smaller amount. However, life insurance provides long-term financial security to your dependents but funeral insurance caters for short-term expenses.

Who is Legally Responsible for Funeral Costs?

The expenses including the burial, funeral and cremation costs are paid out from the deceased estates. However, if there is no money for the funeral, the person handling the death (which could be the executor of the will or the next of kin) can sign a release form at the coroner’s office. After signing the form, the body will be released to the coroner to handle the remains.

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