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In business since 1903, Assumption Life is a financial services and insurance company from Atlantic Canada. With over 85,000 policies currently in force and assets that total over $1.5 billion, Assumption Life is a leader in the area of financial security.

Assumption Life Critical Illness Insurance

A rarity in the insurance industry, some of Assumption Life’s Critical Illness Insurance plans do not require a medical examination. Coverage on these plans is up to 75 years of age, and coverage included is on 16 critical illnesses.

Assumption Life Term Insurance

Offering 3 individualized Term Life Insurance plans, Assumption Life aims to cover those looking for a shorter term of protection than permanent life. Assumption Life provides up to $4 million in benefits, and coverage terms up to 25 years long.

Assumption Life Permanent Insurance

Available for Canadians up to the age of 80, Assumption Life’s Permanent Insurance options cover those who are seeking permanent life insurance but do not wish to perform a medical exam. Coverage amount up to $50,000.

Assumption Life Participating Life Insurance

A unique policy that promises guaranteed premiums, and pays dividends to provide cash flow or reduce premium payments, Assumption Life’s ParPlus or ParPlus Junior provide coverage up to $4 million to Canadians up to 75 years of age.

Assumption Life InstaTerm Insurance

The advantage of Assumption Life’s InstaTerm policies are that they are quick issue, and no medical examinations are required. These plans are available in terms of 10 or 20 years of coverage.

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