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Assumption Life

About Assumption Life Insurance

Through its team of highly qualified representatives and prominent partners, Assumption Life offers the full range of products required for sound financial planning.

Assumption Life Canada based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Assumption Mutual Life Insurance Company, doing business under the name Assumption Life.

In business since 1903, Assumption Life is a financial services and insurance company from Atlantic Canada. With over 85,000 policies currently in force and assets that total over $1.5 billion.

Assumption Life is a leader in the area of financial security.

Assumption Life Products Overview

  • » Assumption Life Term Life Insurance

  • Term Life insurance offers coverage for a fixed period of time, for a certain number of years like 15, 20, 25 years or more. Feel free to choose your prefer term life coverage that fit to your need: (1) FlexTerm; (2) FlexOptions; (3) Youth Plus; (4) No Medical Term Plus; and (5) No Medical Term.
  • » Assumption Life Permanent Life Insurance

  • Permanent Life insurance offers lifetime coverage. If you maintain your insurance until death, the amount paid to your beneficiary is tax free. Feel free to choose your prefer permanent life coverage that fit to your need: (1) Golden Protection; (2) Total Protection; (3) Essential Whole Life; (4) No Medical Whole Life Plus; and (5) No Medical Whole Life.
  • » Assumption Life Participating Life Insurance

  • Participating life insurance pays out dividends that can help increase cash flow, reduce the cost of insurance or accumulate for an even larger payout. Feel free to choose your prefer participating life coverage that fit to your need: (1) ParPlus; and (2) ParPlus Junior.
  • » Critical Protection Insurance

  • Living Benefit are insurance solutions focused on providing protection should something bad happen while you are still alive.

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