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Alberta Funeral Insurance

Alberta Funeral Insurance Overview

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Most Albertans have little or no experience to organize a successful event when faced with making a funeral arrangement. In such a case, you need an accredited funeral director in Alberta to make the job easier for you. Funeral directors offer a range of services that allow you to choose the most appropriate funeral and also ensure that the funeral is carried out with dignity and professionalism.

In a funeral, you want to celebrate the deceased’s life and an Alberta funeral director can help you to achieve that. The funeral director will render assistance in every possible way and help to ensure that the wishes of the deceased and those of his family members will be fulfilled.

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Alberta Funeral Insurance Details

Alberta Bereavement Authority

The Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board is the body responsible for licensing funeral directors, funeral businesses, crematories, embalmers and pre-need salespeople. The body was established on December 1, 1992, under the Funeral Services Business Licensing Regulation and the Licensing of Trades and Business Act.

Furthermore, the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board monitors performance standards of funeral homes and providers, sets educational standards, and also investigates complaints made by consumers.

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Alberta Obituary and Mortality Rate

As the population rises in most provinces, the number of deaths also rises; the situation is also true for Alberta. The number of deaths in Alberta increased from 22,844 in 2013 to 25,532 in 2017. In addition, the mortality rate per 1,000 population in the province also increased within the same time frame from 5.7 to 6.0.

Albertans love to celebrate their loved ones even on death. An obituary is one way to celebrate a dead resident. It involves a brief biography and notice of the death of the deceased published in a newspaper or online.

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Alberta Funeral Insurance Guide

Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board provides a guide to funeral insurance and death care in Alberta that allows you to make the right choice as it relates to preplanning of a funeral and arrangement of a burial, funeral or cremation service.

It is prohibited to scatter cremated remains if a burial is conducted in a national park. You can get more information about the do’s and don’ts in a burial, funeral or cremation in Alberta by accessing the document here.

You can contact the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board on phone from outside Alberta at (780.452.6130), in Alberta (800.563.4652) or by fax (780.452.6085).

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Alberta Funeral Insurance Related Pages

Alberta Funeral Insurance News

Death is usually difficult and overbearing, especially if it is unexpected, but a funeral can even make it worse. This is because you will hardly have enough time and emotional energy to shop around, negotiate and research.

Sara Marsden, who runs DFS Memorials Network alongside her husband, said that such a sudden death comes with so many decisions to make. You are grieving and you are upset. DFS Memorials offers free guidance but businesses have to pay to become members and advertise on their site. The goal is to connect make it easy for the recently bereaved to access low-cost, family-run funeral and cremation services in the United States and Canada.

Marsden provides funeral advice on the phone and makes arrangement for people who are emotionally overwhelmed by the death that they can’t make such an arrangement on their own. According to Marsden, out of guilt, a lot of mourners often pay more than they need but buying a cheaper casket does not necessarily mean that you have less love for your grandpa.

She added that the recently bereaved ought to take someone who is not as emotionally tied to the situation along with them to any kind of meeting with a funeral home. This will save them from spending on unnecessary add-ons such as DVD tributes and memorial books.

It might even be better to prepay or preplan a funeral. This will save your relatives from having to fork over thousands of dollars in funeral expenses when the time comes. According to Diann Rowat, who works with Alternatives     Funeral and Cremation Services, said that the situation is usually worse when there is sudden death and the family does not know what the deceased would have wanted.

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Alberta Funeral Insurance FAQ

How Much Does It Cost For Funeral Insurance?

Burial insurance policies cost $50 per month on average but most people purchase a face amount of $10,000. However, the exact amount you pay on premium will depend on your age, gender, health and the face amount you purchased.

What’s the Difference Between Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance?

Both funeral insurance and life insurance pay a lump sum benefit but life insurance pays a bigger amount. Also, funeral insurance caters to short-term burial expenses but life insurance provides your loved ones with long-term financial security.

What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?

Funeral insurance in Alberta pays a lump sum of the agreed amount up to $15,000 to your estate in the event of your death.

Who Is Legally Responsible For Funeral Costs?

The expenses for the burial, cremation or funeral should be paid out from the deceased’s estate but if the deceased has no asset or property to cover the cost of the funeral, he can sign a release form with the coroner’s office to allow the state or county to take care of the remains.

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