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Alberta Auto Insurance

Alberta Auto Insurance Overview

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Alberta does not have the highest auto insurance rate in Canada but Alberta drivers can always save in their auto premiums. In Insurdinary.ca, we specialize in helping you to get the lowest Alberta auto insurance rate.

Insurdinary.ca will connect you to reliable insurance advisors in Alberta who will compare policy options from top insurance companies in the province to help you to get the cheapest coverage.

Most Albertans are busy and comparing Alberta auto insurance rates may not be an option. This is why many drivers in Alberta end up choosing any auto coverage they find, even if the coverage is costly. However, our independent insurance advisors will help you to compare quotes from several providers at the same amount of time it will take you to get just one quote.

We make the process super-easy for you so that you can have time to focus on the most important things in your life.

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Alberta Auto Insurance Details

Factors that affects Auto Insurance rates in Alberta

Alberta auto insurance companies consider a number of factors when calculating your auto insurance rate. The following factors are used in determining your auto insurance rate in Alberta:

  • Your driving record
  • Your age and gender
  • Your driving experience
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The location and use of your vehicle
  • The amount of coverage you chose.

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Alberta Auto Insurance News

Due to a cap on the cost of liability-only auto insurance introduced by the government of Alberta, drivers in the province are being priced out of insurance coverage.

Lance Miller, CEO of Surex Insurance, said in an interview with CTV News that the provincial government is doing its best to protect Albertans from rising insurance cost in the province. However, the approach they employed is now putting Albertans in danger.

He added that 40% of people who contact Surex for coverage are denied coverage because they are too high of a risk. This is mainly due to the limit placed by the province. People financing vehicles are more likely to be turned down. Miller also pointed out that insurance companies are handicapped by the increased costs due to advanced technology in cars and increasing litigation fees. The result is that the costs are now more than the premiums charged and making it difficult for the insurance companies to take on every client.

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Alberta Auto Insurance FAQ

Will Alberta Auto Insurance rates go down anytime soon?

Auto insurance rates are rising in Alberta. In 2018, Alberta auto insurance experienced an upward trend of 5.1% when compared to a year ago. However, these are figures; the actual amount you pay in auto insurance premium in Alberta will vary depending on several factors such as your driving record, age, experience, type of vehicle and so forth. You can also shop around and compare policies to get cheaper and more affordable coverage.

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What is the minimum requirement for Alberta Auto Insurance?

Alberta drivers are required to have $200,000 in third-party liability insurance coverage on their vehicle. You will not be able to register your vehicle without the minimum coverage.

How much will car insurance cost me in Alberta?

Alberta is the third most expensive province in Canada by auto insurance, after British Columbia and Ontario. In 2017, an average driver in the province paid $1,179 a year in auto insurance rate. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. You can only be sure of the amount you will pay by comparing insurance rates. Several factors such as your driving record, age, gender and other factors listed above all determine the amount you pay in auto insurance in Alberta.

How much is Alberta auto insurance rate in comparison to the rest of Canada?

A report from the Ontario Ministry of Finance in 2017 indicated that Alberta is the third most expensive province in Canada by auto insurance with an average rate of $1,179, while Ontario takes the lead with $1,458, followed by British Columbia $1,316.

However, Alberta auto insurance rate has since increased to $1,251, while Ontario decreased to $1,445 and British Columbia increased to $1,680.

Which Alberta auto insurance company is the cheapest?

No single auto insurance company in Alberta offers the best rate. Even for the same coverage, the rate can vary across auto insurance companies. This depends on the company’s claims experience and how they rate you. However, you have an option to shop around every year to choose the best auto insurance rate for your coverage.

What is covered in my Alberta auto insurance policy?

There are two basic components in your Alberta auto insurance policy: third party liability and accident benefits. You can also add optional coverage such as comprehensive insurance and collision insurance.

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