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Terrebonne health insurance plan

Learn about Terrebonne Health Care Plan

Terrebonne is located in the Greater Montreal Area, towards the west of Quebec. It lies in the north of Montreal and Laval, along the north shores of the Rivière des Mille-Îles and the Rivière des Prairies. Based on the 2016 population census, the city population was 111,575, its total land area is 158.6 square kilometers and therefore it had a population density of 687.1 per square kilometers. Moreover, the city’s population grew by 12.3% from 2006 to 2011 and by 4.94% from 2011 to 2016; hence, it is the 47th most populated city in Canada and the fourth largest suburb in Montreal.

The city of Terrebonne is divided into three regions; these include Lachenaie, La Plaine and Terrebonne. The three regions were separate cities but were merged under the name “Terrebonne” on August 22, 2001. The town of Lachenaie was founded in 1670 while La Plaine was founded in 1830. As would be expected, the predominant language in Terrebonne is French (spoken by 87.8% of the population), this is followed by English.

Terrebonne has several monuments and historic sites. Some of the most important monuments in the city include the complex of Île-des-moulins, Moulin-Neuf dam, and ecclesiastical architecture such as Saint-Louis de-France church located in the Old Terrebonne.

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What Are the Best Walk-in Eye Clinics in Terrebonne?

According to Yelp, the best walk-in eye clinics in Terrebonne are:

  1. IRIS – 1602 Chemin Gascon Terrebonne, QC J6X 3A2 – (450) 492-6888
  2. Green Johanne Optometriste – 4455 Boul De Hauteville Terrebonne, QC J6X 2Y6 – (450) 492-3070
  3. Pharmacie Associee Au Groupe Jean Coutu – 2225 Ch Gascon Lachenaie, QC J6X 4H3 – (450) 471-2515
  4. Primeau Gaetan Optom – 583 Boul Des Seigneurs Terrebonne, QC J6W 1T5 -(450) 471-5771
  5. Mc Duff Jean-Francois Optom – 1280 Boul Moody Terrebonne, QC J6W 3K9 – (450) 492-2218

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Which Pharmacies Have the Lowest Dispensing Fees/ or Best Pharmacies in Terrebonne

The following is a list of the lowest dispensing fees/ or best pharmacies in Terrebonne:

  1. Familiprix – G. Duperron, J.- P Pilon et V. Therrien – 4790 Rue d’Angora Terrebonne, QC J6X 0J6
  2. Proxim – Benoît et Alexandre Favreau – 2135 boul des Seigneurs Terrebonne, QC J6X 3X7
  3. Familiprix Extra – Daniel Morin et Amélie Arpin – 2340 Chemin Gascon Terrebonne, QC J6X 3A5
  4. Jean Coutu – Alexandre Deslauriers & François Otis – 930 Boulevard des Seigneurs Terrebonne, QC J6W 1V1
  5. Familiprix Extra – Julie Lauzon – 1415 Rue Grande-Allée Terrebonne, QC J6W 5M9

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Which Dental Clinics are the Best in Terrebonne?

The following is a list of the best dental clinics in Terrebonne area:

  1. Metropole Dentaire Terrebonne – 901 Boulevard des Seigneurs Terrebonne, QC J6W 1T8 Canada
  2. Clinique Dentaire Orozen – 2190 chemin Gascon Terrebonne, QC J6X 3A1 Canada
  3. Denturologistes Beaupré Beaupré & Associés – 2300 Chemin Gascon Terrebonne, QC J6X 3A5 Canada
  4. Centre Dentaire Lavallé Lavergne Pronovost – 3055 Boulevard de la Pinière Terrebonne, QC J6X 4V5 Canada
  5. Centre Dentaire Johanne Chicoine – 1270 Boul Moody Terrebonne, QC J6W 3K9 Canada

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News about Terrebonne

Quebec Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette said there was never a real negotiation with the other provinces over health care transfers as long as Ottawa holds the big end of the stick. However, Barrette indicated that the battle is already lost because the public pressure was not substantial and therefore the provinces were shortchanged. This will result in lack of funding and less access in years to come, he said.

Moreover, there would be consequences if funding is lowered. Barrette pointed out that Ottawa does not care about Canadians and are actually doing the opposite. This means that access will be reduced. He stated that the decision about healthcare funding is now being handled by higher powers. He, however, regretted that British Columbia succumbed to Ottawa’s pressure, pointing out that the deals were signed under pressure, side deals or threats and they were decided above the health ministers.

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How Many Hospitals are there in Terrebonne?

There are over 5 hospitals in Terrebonne. The following are the hospitals in the city.

  1. Clinical De La Piniere – 3195 Boulevard de la Pinière, Terrebonne, QC J6X 4P7, Canada
  2. Pierre Le-Gardeur Hospital – 911 Montée des Pionniers, Terrebonne, QC J6V 2H2, Canada
  3. Du Center Pause Health Maternity – 42 Montée Masson, Terrebonne, QC J6W 2Z3, Canada
  4. Clinique Externe et Hopital de Jour de Psychiatrie de la MRC Des Moulins – 1355 Rue Grande Allee, Terrebonne, QC J6W 4K6, Canada
  5. Pavillon Desrosiers Langlois – 821 Rue de la Soeur Marie Rose, Terrebonne, QC J6V 0E8, Canada

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