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Learn about Sun Life Health Insurance Plan

Sun Life insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in Canada, established in 1865 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. It is also one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Sun Life is a financial service in Canada that mainly provides life insurance services. The company offers a wide range of products including financial services, financial planning and advice, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, pension plans, investments, retirement savings, and institutional pension plans.

Sun Life has more than CAD$891 billion in assets under management under investment management. Furthermore, Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune 500 ranked Sun Life in 2016 as the 277 largest company in the world. Sun Life had up to 30,000 employees in 2015 and as of 2016, it had a total revenue of CA$28.573 billion, net income of CA$ 2.581 billion and total assets of CA$ 258.238 billion.

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What Does Sun Life Group Benefit Cover?

Sun Life offers several group benefits. The group benefits are available for brokers and for businesses.

Group benefits available for brokers and businesses include group life, group accident, group disability, group dental, medical stop-less, a group critical illness and additional benefits.

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What are the Different Health Plans Offered by Sun Life 

Sun Life offers a number of health insurance plans. These include personal health insurance, critical illness insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance.

  • Personal health insurance includes coverage for prescription drugs, emergency medical services, practitioners and medical equipment. The personal health insurance basic plan, standard plan, and an enhanced
  • The critical illness plan includes sun critical illness insurance, express critical illness insurance.
  • Long term care insurance includes Sun long term care insurance and Sun retirement health assist.
  • Disability insurance is available for the short or long-term. Sun Life offers various kinds of disability insurance, namely, individual insurance plans, group insurance plans, and government plans.

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News about Sun Life

Sun Life provides a personalized wellness reward program through BestLifeRewarded as a way to help Canadians to put their health first. BestLifeRewarded is designed to track, measure, and reward positive steps to help you reduce health risk and also ensure that you live a healthier life. To leverage this service, Sun Life clients will complete a comprehensive assessment that touches three major areas of life which include mental, physical and financial well-being.

Furthermore, the BestLifRewarded platform is also designed to provide guidance to individuals as they journey through wellness. The President of Sun Life Financial Canada, Jacques Goulet pointed out that there is no one size fit all solution for managing physical, financial and mental health. Furthermore, it provides clients with an exceptional plan to support, motivate and reward healthy actions.

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Sun Life Insurance FAQ

How do I submit a claim online?

Firstly, sign up or register for direct deposit or online claims. To do this, you need your member ID number and contract number. You may find these details on your coverage card, your claims statement or your new plan member welcome letter.

If you have already registered, sign in to mysunlife.ca. Click my claims under my health and well-being. Submit a claim online if the header “Submit a claim” appears. Choose the right claim type and follow the steps to submit.

How do I submit a paper claim?

You might want to submit a paper claim if the “Submit a claim” header does not appear and you are unable to submit a claim online. Furthermore, you may also want to submit a paper claim if you are making a claim for a service you can’t submit online. You can print out a paper form that contains your personalized details and contract number by following these steps.

Firstly, sign in to mysunlife.ca. Navigate to the “Take me to…” drop-down menu under “my health and well-being” and choose “Submit a claim”. Choose the claim form from the list provided. Select the right PDF claim form, complete the information and print or manually fill it out. Sign, attach the original receipts and mail the form to the appropriate address provided on the form. You can call Sun Life on 1-800-361-6212 Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET if you need help submitting your claim.

How do I print my coverage card?

You can print your coverage card by following these steps. Firstly, sign in to mysunlife.ca. Select “Benefits Center” under “Benefits”. Choose “Print Travel Card”, “Print Coverage Card” or “Print Drug Card” under “Take me to”. Click the “Print” button at the top right hand corner to print.

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