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Standard Life Employee Benefit Plan

Employee Benefit Plan Overview

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The former Standard Life insurance has been acquired by Manulife Financial Group. As a result, Standard Life now offers all the benefits obtainable in Manulife Financial. In other words, businesses insured with Standard Life employee benefit program can now take advantage of the awesome features provided in the Manulife package. This means that such businesses can now offer more comprehensive coverage to their employees.

Employees looking for an affordable and reliable group benefits package suitable for their employees can find Standard Life employee benefit package handy and excellent for their employees. The benefits package includes health and life insurance as well as group benefits programs designed for small-sized businesses and also large-scale enterprises.

With Standard Life employee benefit plan, you can provide coverage not only for your employees but also for their family members. This will ensure that your employees will have the peace of mind and the security needed to focus entirely on your business and to give their best to the business. The program can also be designed in such a way that the employee can maintain their coverage or convert it to individual coverage after retiring or leaving your company.

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Employee Benefit Plan Details

Standard Life or Manulife group benefit provide robust and comprehensive coverage to the plan members. The all-round coverage includes health coverage, personal life coverage, critical illness insurance, the LaunchPlan and many more.

The personal benefits which include the personal life insurance and the personal critical illness insurance provide protection beyond the basic insurance available in the plan. The employer can choose to offer one or both of these plans to their plan members. There is no additional cost involved in adding either of the insurance products to your Standard Life employee benefit package.

The LaunchPlan is another Standard Life employee benefit package offered to group members. This is an affordable and sustainable plan suitable for a group with two to nine employees. The plan has features such as dental coverage, life insurance for employees and their dependents, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, extended health care, the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), and so forth.

Manulife also provides a plan for large organizations. Organizations with up to 50 employees can take advantage of the customizable group benefits plan for drug coverage, dental coverage, vision care, chiropractic care, massage care, and so forth.

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Employee Benefit News

On October 1, 2016, Manulife Trust Services Limited (which is the former Standard Life Trust Company) amalgamated with Manulife Trust Company. Standard Life will now continue with the name Manulife Trust Company.

Furthermore, as from July 1, 2015, Manulife Financial Group now assumes the policies and plans of the former Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada. Moreover, if your retirement program makes use of a trust, no action is required on the part of your plans or your members as a result of the merger.

In addition, you can still make use of the addresses, forms, contact numbers and so forth that are contained in your Standard Life documentation before the plan transfer took place.

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Employee Benefit FAQ

How do I transfer funds from my plans of the former Standard Life to another financial institution?

Contact the receiving financial institution to obtain the necessary form (T2033/T2151) as well as details on the transfer. Send the completed, signed, and dated document by mail or by fax to 1-866-499-4480.

What is Enhanced Login Process?

The Enhanced Login Process is a security improvement that protects your online account from fraud or unauthorized access. It verifies your identity with a personal security image and personal security questions. It also informs you that you are accessing a legitimate website of the former Standard Life which is redirected to Manulife.ca.

Why was the Enhanced Login Process Introduced?

Manulife values the security of your personal information. The Enhanced Login Process was introduced in order to add an extra layer of security on access to your online account.

How do I set up my Enhanced Login Process?

To set up the Enhanced Login Process, follow the onscreen instructions as a guide to the setup process. This allows you to set up your security questions and the appropriate answers, select your personal security image and register or identify your current computer.

How do I retrieve my User ID?

To retrieve your password, you need to login to your Manulife page and click on the link “Forget your User ID?”. Next, enter the email address you used in setting up the account. You will receive an email containing your User ID.

How do I unlock my locked account?

If you have three failed login attempts in one session, your online account will be locked. This can be caused by failing the security question, providing the wrong User ID or password. Contact Manulife to speak with a Customer Service Representative if your account is locked.

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