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SSQ Health Insurance

SSQ Health Insurance Overview

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SSQ Insurance is a mutual financial institution based in Quebec, Canada, and specialized in diverse financial, investment and insurance products. It was founded in 1944 and provides a range of services and products through its subsidiaries which include SSQ Insurance Company Inc., and SSQ Reality Inc. The company specializes in investment services and products such as TFSA, RRIF, RRSP, as well as guaranteed interest accounts, segregated funds and fund returns, private wealth management solutions, multi-unit mortgage loans, and so forth.

SSQ Insurance has more than 2000 employees and is ranked 7th among the 500 largest companies in Quebec. Furthermore, the company has up to $12 billion in assets under management and business volume tending to $3 billion.

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Choose the Perfect SSQ Health Insurance Plan for You

SSQ provides health coverage in its group insurance plan. The needs expressed by the group determine the expenses that would be covered under the group insurance contract. You can get details about the health insurance coverage such as the number of treatments per year, reimbursement percentage, expenses covered and a statement of tax purposes by logging on to the plan members secure website.

What Does SSQ Insurance Group Benefit Cover?

SSQ Insurance provides interesting group insurance benefits, reimbursement percentages, eligible expenses and so forth. The group insurance benefits include:

  • Health insurance.
  • Prescription drug insurance.
  • Disability insurance.
  • Compassion insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Dental care insurance.
  • Health spending account, and
  • Travel insurance.


The group benefits also include specialized coverage designed for your retirement, health and well-being. These include:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Critical illness insurance.
  • Insurance for expatriates.
  • Retirement or end of employment.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP), and
  • Health and wellness.

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SSQ Health Insurance News

SSQ Insurance will be providing a new option as from January 1, 2019, to cater for expenses on medical cannabis. This is in light of the clinical advances showing the effectiveness of cannabis in treating or relieving some medical conditions.

According to Eric Trudel, the Senior Vice-President at SSQ Insurance on Strategies and Product Management, the new optional coverage is in line with the federal law on the use of medical marijuana for people who traditional prescription drugs have been considered as ineffective.

However, medical cannabis will only be covered when used to treat one of the following medical conditions when pharmacological treatment failed to work. These include chronic neuropathic pain, cancer-related pain, vomiting and nausea due to chemotherapy, spinal cord injury or spasticity secondary to multiple sclerosis.

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SSQ Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SSQ cover travel insurance?

Yes. SSQ partners with CanAssistance, a travel insurance company, to offer travel assistance service.

Who is eligible for SSQ travel insurance?

SSQ travel insurance with assistance is available to people who are covered by SSQ group health insurance plan.

How can I submit a claim on SSQ Travel Insurance?

Make sure you have your SSQ Insurance card on hand. To submit a claim on SSQ travel insurance, call the number on the back of the card and you will be transferred to CanAssistance for the claims process.

If your card is lost, damaged or stolen, you can easily print a new one on the Plan Members website by accessing your personal file. You can find the card in the top menu on the platform by selecting the Documents tab and clicking on SSQ card.

What processes are involved in making a claim in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, ensure you obtain a police report directly at the accident scene or fill out a joint report. Thereafter, you are required to contact your SSQ Insurance as fast as possible to answer the claim adjuster’s questions describing the situations. The insurer will provide you with information regarding any deductible, the possibility of obtaining compensation for a rental vehicle, the covered benefits.

Will my dependent who left home for study covered by my home insurance?

Yes. If your child studies full-time in an educational institution, his/her belongings, and civil liability will be covered. Your coverage will automatically include minimal coverage but the coverage may be increased as appropriate by contacting your insurer.

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