Snowbird's Best: Why Medipac Travel Insurance Is Best for You

Posted on May 11, 2019

About 2.8 million Canadians live abroad while many more travel world wide. This represents about 9% of the total population.

Many people give excuses when it comes to purchasing travel medical insurance. Some say they’ll come back home if they fall ill. Others console themselves that hospitals are affordable where they are going.

A significant percentage of Canadians are not well informed about travel medical insurance. About 50% of the travel population purchases Travel Medical Insurance.

The answer to your question is you do need travel medical insurance. Stick around to find out why Medipac Travel Insurance is the best.

1. Medipac Allows You to Cancel Your Trip for Covered Reasons

You never know what medical emergencies might befall you when you are in a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise or overseas for business a trip.

Purchase travel medical insurance each time you are traveling. It ensures you are reimbursed for non-refundable costs that you’d otherwise have to bear on your own.

It doesn't matter whether it is a serious illness or an injury that requires immediate medical attention. Your insurance package has got you covered.

2. Avoid Expensive Overseas Medical Emergency Costs

When you do not have travel medical insurance, you’ll have to pay in cash for treatment in foreign medical facilities.

Additionally, you also need to consider how much it will cost in case of a medical evacuation. This is based on the proximity to the nearest hospital.

Your insurance card does not cover you for treatment outside your country. Hence, it is wise to buy travel medical cover each time you travel abroad.
Injuries, accidents, and illnesses can happen at any time. Hence, with travel medical insurance, all losses due to such emergencies are covered.

You will get transportation to the nearest medical facility. Additionally, your insurance will also cater for all medications the physicians will prescribe.

The next time you find yourself asking, is travel insurance worth it? Be sure to weigh the small costs of buying insurance. Then compare this to the massive medical emergencies expenditure in a foreign country.

3. Get Covered for Minor Mishaps

Travel medical cover comes in handy when you have to go through delays. Also, it helps in other minor travel mishaps that cannot completely be phased out.

Travel hiccups can be quite frustrating. Vacations are meant for relaxing and taking time off our busy schedules.

However, Medipac Travel Insurance ensures that you are covered against such hiccups. There are several benefits including delay benefits which is the most common of them all.

Imagine having to think about additional accommodation when you are all spent out! Medipac has reimbursements for extra accommodation. Plus, any other unexpected expenses you’ll be forced to incur.

4. Affordable Travel Medical Insurance

When people weigh in on taking travel medical insurance, they always consider cost. People automatically assume that travel medical insurance is expensive.

Additionally, individuals feel that they might not have an emergency medical incident. They assume the whole trip will be a smooth ride.

What are the odds right?

Well, isn’t it better to spend a little on purchasing travel medical insurance? Rather than end up making costly upfront cash payments at a foreign medical facility.

Besides, Medipac offers competitive rates. You also get to enjoy first time buying discounts and loyalty discounts as well.

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that purchasing travel medical insurance is the better option. Medipac will give you a quotation, so you know how cost-effective the package is.

Travel insurance allows you to save a significant amount of money. It covers your entire trip. You are also entitled to loyalty bonuses when you buy travel insurance.

Also, there is a special top-up deal for Federal civil servants, RCMP, and military for the 40-day PSHCP plan.

5. Medipac Has Years of Experience in This Field

Medipac was established in the 1980s. It is one of Canada’s best known medical insurance companies. It has been endorsed by the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.

It is popular with seniors. However, this travel medical insurance company has a range of products covering all age groups.

The company allows you to enjoy claim-free discounts. You also get 90-day stability periods and an easy online application process.

Below are the emergency medical insurance plans offered Medipac;

  • Single Trip Travel Medical Insurance Plan –

This package includes up to 2 million emergency medical benefits per person. Trip cancellation is an optional add-on available when you purchase this package.

  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan –

This is a 23-day annual insurance plan that covers you for multiple international trips. For an unlimited Canadian trip, you get a coverage of up to 60 days in year.

Trip cancellation is not available on this package. But you can buy trip cancellation insurance under the annual plan.

Not to forget that for both packages, you get full refunds when you make a request in writing. This should be done within Canada before the effective policy date.

6. The Packages are Comprehensive and Easy to Purchase

Get a quote from Medipac Travel Insurance website. You can also make online payments for your purchases using your credit card.

There is usually a questionnaire that allows you to elaborately outline your detail. You are required to fill in the questionnaire by hand and then send it by mail.

You also have the option of an online application form. It needs to be signed and returned to Medipac once you are done filling in all the details.

Medipac Travel Insurance has a Travel Emergency Assistance. It helps you navigate an emergency medical situation.

Travel Emergency Assistance is a rarely discussed topic. It affects how well a medical emergency is dealt with. However, Medipac leaves nothing to chance when it comes to this subject.

This insurance company has hired professional medical assistants who’ll answer your call in the event of a medical emergency.

Furthermore, nurses and doctors can easily navigate the complicated foreign medical systems. This ensures all your needs are catered for.

Below are questions you should consider before choosing a Travel Medical Insurance Company to work with. The questions will also assist you not making false conclusions about travel medical insurance cover;

  • Can I Use My Existing Health Insurance?

The short answer is yes, but only to a limited extent.

Regular health insurance offers little to no coverage for travel medical insurance.

A good example is when you have to receive treatment at a foreign medical facility. Since regular health insurance is not recognized overseas, you’ll have to make upfront cash payments before you get treatment.

Ideally, regular health insurance is geared towards local medical care. The best way of ensuring you are covered overseas is to buy Travel Medical Insurance.

  • What Is the Best Time to Purchase Travel Insurance?

The ideal time to purchase your Travel Medical Insurance is a few days after booking your trip. Otherwise, if you cancel your trip for known 

Besides, purchasing early ensures you qualify for pre-existing condition coverage. Eligibility for pre-existing condition coverage is possible. Purchase your travel insurance immediately after you pay the initial trip deposit.

Aside from this, you also need to insure your entire trip. Also, ascertain that you are medically cleared to travel during the purchase.

7. Caters for Your Unique Medical Needs

You need to understand the complexity of travel insurance. Hence, purchasing medical insurance from a company that caters for your unique medical needs.
It stands to reason that one insurance policy cannot cater to every individual’s health conditions.

With that said, are you getting a good deal for the policy you’ve signed up for? Is a question that requires closer scrutiny.

You need to ensure that your Travel Medical Insurance policy matches your health situation in case of an emergency.

Medipac travel insurance caters for individuals with different health conditions. It also does not use brokers.

This is a legitimate Travel Medical insurance company that transacts directly with clients. It offers medical cover even for individuals with an unstable medical condition.

8. Better Suited for Seniors

Medipac Travel Medical Insurance is popular with seniors.

Regular health insurances only cater for a few limited covers. Purchasing a travel policy ensures that seniors are in good hands.

Seniors tend to have several pre-existing medical conditions that require continuous medication and regular medical care.

A senior traveling in a foreign country without travel medical insurance would be in serious trouble. You’ll be on your own no matter how severe your condition is.
Additionally, questionable water quality, change in elevation and climate can trigger illness.

Bottom Line

Are you traveling abroad and wondering if you need to travel medical insurance? Well, I can assure you that you are not alone in this dilemma.

Focus on making sure your travel medical insurance policy matches your unique medical needs, travel plans and lifestyle.

The insurance company should have professional medics. Medical professionals will easily take you through emergency situations. Affordability of travel medical insurance is another key consideration.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about what Medipac Travel Medical Insurance has to offer.



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