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Schipperkes Pet Insurance

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Schipperkes Pet Insurance Overview

Schipperkes pet insurance

Learn about Schipperkes Pet Insurance

The Schipperke stands no more than 13 inches and weighs up to 16 pounds but he’s a curious and clever dog. The breed was developed for hard work. They are small dogs known for their mischievousness but they are also robust and makes a good family companion. The Schipperke looks a lot like a fox and is very distinct from an ordinary dog. They also have powerful jaws and neck.

The breed was developed in late medieval Belgium. Oftentimes, the breed was erroneously called a “Dutch Dog” but it does not have any link with the Netherlands. It is believed that the Schipperke has the same pedigree as the Belgian Sheepdog, they descended from a black sheepdog known as Leauvenaar. The breed made its way to the United States in 1888.

The Schipperke is a wonderful dog that possesses a lot of energy. However, he has the potential to gain weight. Just like any other dog, this breed requires care, attention, and love. You also need to take out Schipperkes pet insurance as soon as you purchase the dog. The right Schipperkes pet insurance will provide the protection your pet needs against medical emergencies, hospitalization, accidents, diagnostic tests, emergency care, illnesses and so on.

The pet owner is expected to go through the policy documents before taking out the Schipperkes pet insurance policy. This will help you to understand the extent of the coverage including its limits, exclusions, waiting period, stipulation and so on.

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Why Schipperkes Pet Insurance Is Important

Like all breeds, it is important to exercise your dog. Lack of exercises, over-feeding and inactivity could be more detrimental for Schipperkes than other breeds. The dog could suffer from musculoskeletal problems, heart, lung, tooth, and digestive conditions as a result of inactivity.

It is important to get your dog well exercised and to control his diet, but this does not completely prevent the pet from developing critical illnesses. You could take out Schipperkes pet insurance to provide comprehensive protection to your pet when the need arises.

By taking out Schipperkes pet insurance, you will also be protecting your income from the rising costs of veterinary care and treatments. Vet bills for certain illnesses could reach $3,000; for multiple surgeries and rehabilitation, you might even spend more than $10,000. Schipperkes pet insurance will ease the pain and help you to access the best veterinary care without considering the cost.

Here is a list of common sicknesses Schipperkes might develop:

  • Legg-Calves-Perthes disease
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Epilepsy
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIB
  • Patellar luxation, etc.

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Schipperkes Pet Insurance Statistics

Origin: Belgium

Average height: 11 – 13 inches (male), 10 – 12 inches (female)

Average weight: 10 – 16 pounds

Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years

Colors: Black, Apricot, Cream, Chocolate, Black & Tan, Blue.

Exercise Requirements: 40 minutes per day

Temperament: Alert, Fearless, Curious, Independent, Agile, Confident, Faithful.

Health: They are healthy overall but prone to conditions like epilepsy, mucopolysaccharidosis, autoimmune thyroiditis, patellar luxation, etc.

Energy level: Very energetic

Tendency to Bark: High

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Schipperkes Pet Insurance News

Some group winners at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show are not necessarily good dogs outside the ring – some are rascals, vandals or escape artists at home.

Some of the good looking dogs dressed in long silky tresses could be unruly dogs who drink out of the toilet.

Colton the Schipperke is a good example. In the ring, he’s best described as small, dark and handsome – as described by his Instagram hashtag –  but he is a different thing at home.

Crista Cook, Colton’s Handler said that he’s a nut. But the Schipperke is also a pacesetter. He was the first of his breed to win the nonsporting group at the 2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show that held on February 11 and 12.

At home, when he thinks no one is looking, the Schipperke would sneak into the kitchen cabinet and undo the pots. Cook said: “he pretends that he’s not in there and then when we hear the pots, we open it up and there he is”.

The big prize usually goes to to the terriers, spaniels, and poodles at the Westminster show. However, several records were broken by the first four group winners this year. Each of them could become the first of their breed to win Best in Show at the prestigious dog show – Colton the Schipperke was among the top four.

Colton is not alone in his mischievous art. It appears that each of the four winners is saints in the ring but rough at home.

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Schipperkes Pet Insurance FAQ

Are Schipperkes prone to separation anxiety?

Every dog suffers from some form of separation anxiety when left alone for long. It is important to spend time with your Schipperke to avoid distress due to separation anxiety.

Are Schipperkes protective of their owners?

Schipperkes are protective. They are naturally territorial and have a protective instinct. This makes them excellent watchdogs. They are loyal and devoted and so they would protect their owners. They adore children and are good family dogs.

How soon does pet insurance take effect?

In the event that your pet is diagnosed with a medical condition, your insurer will require you to wait for some days before processing your claim. The length of the waiting period may vary from one insurer to the other but it is usually stated in the pet insurance policy document.

Can you get pet insurance after diagnosis?

If your pet is diagnosed with a medical condition before the start date of the pet insurance policy, the condition will be excluded from the Schipperkes pet insurance policy. This means that you may be able to access coverage for other conditions but you can’t access coverage for the diagnosed condition.

What medical conditions are common with Schipperkes?

Several medical conditions are common with Schipperkes. Examples include epilepsy, mucopolysaccharidosis, autoimmune thyroiditis, patellar luxation, etc.

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