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Universal Life Insurance

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The Best Universal Life Insurance Plan for Your Financial Planning

Sometimes, it may be a lot difficult to meet your insurance and saving needs all at the same time but SSQ universal life insurance plan makes this possible. With SSQ universal life insurance you can plan your finances and at the same time, meet both your savings and insurance needs. Just like other SSQ insurance products, this product is affordable and designed to meet your needs.

The life insurance plan pays the insured’s beneficiaries a non-taxable lump sum in the event of the insured’s death. The beneficiaries can use this amount for several purposes such as paying the burial expenses and paying off debts. The amount can also be used to leave a legacy. In general, the plan helps the insured’s beneficiaries to avoid financial constraints and go through such a difficult time.

What Makes SSQ Universal Life Insurance Suitable?

SSQ universal life insurance is a flexible life insurance coverage. This means that you can make changes to the insurance amount and even the premium payment amount. The plan gives you access to accumulated funds, but the funds may be taxable. In addition, you can add other insurance products like critical illness and term life insurance to your coverage.

  • The plan is flexible and affordable. You can make changes to your insurance amount and premium payment amount.
  • The insured’s beneficiaries will be paid a non-taxable amount in the event of the death of the insured. The amount can be used to leave a legacy or it can be used to pay off debts and to settle burial expenses.
  • The coverage helps the insured’s beneficiaries to avoid financial constraints and to go through the difficult time caused by the insured’s death.
  • You can access accumulated funds. The accessed funds may be taxable.
  • The plan also allows you to add other insurance products like term life insurance and critical illness insurance to your coverage.

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