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Transition Evolution

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Protect Yourself against Progressive and Permanent Illnesses with IA Transition Evolution

Progressive and permanent illnesses are perhaps the most difficult kinds of illnesses to contend with. Such conditions might completely erode your life savings and put you in untold stress and difficulties. However, with IA Transition Evolution option, you can protect yourself from such conditions.

It is an excellent package designed to protect the insured for life.

The insured is guaranteed a sufficient protection if his conditions and illness fall into one of the 30 illnesses and juvenile conditions enlisted in the coverage policy. It is a comprehensive plan and guarantees to protect you for life.

Why Transition Evolution is a Great Option

Transition Evolution is a simple and easy to leverage insurance coverage. The premiums are revised every 5 years and it is guaranteed not to increase within the intervals, before the revision. It is an excellent plan for those who want to leave a legacy for their dependents.

  • The premiums are changed every five years.
  • Up to 30 illnesses and 5 juvenile conditions are covered in this plan.
  • Your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive a return of your premiums in the event of your death.
  • Definitions for illnesses and medical conditions are constantly being updated in line with the current market trends.

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