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Term 10 (T10) Sun Critical Illness Insurance

Adequate Protection Against Critical Illness with Term 10 (T10) Sun Life Critical Illness Insurance

All critical illnesses are life-threatening; but, the situation becomes utterly hopeless without adequate financial coverage to cater for the condition. With the Sun critical illness insurance offered by Sun Life, you can protect yourself against the critical illnesses enlisted in the policy.

This insurance product is for you if want to adequately protect your finances against critical illness conditions. It is adequate for those who desire a plan for a broader range of illnesses and are between the ages of 18 and 65. It also provides sufficient coverage for the insured’s children and grandchildren.

What Makes This Term 10 (T10) Sun Critical Illness Insurance Plan Unique?

The plan covers 26 major critical illnesses and 6 minor illnesses. The child plan covers additional 5 illnesses. The major critical illnesses include loss of independent existence and brain injury. Several addendums are included in this plan and the insured can choose from them. For instance, you can choose to have the premium returned when you cancel the plan.

  • 26 full-payout illnesses, 6 partial-payout illnesses, and 5 childhood illnesses are included in this plan.
  • The childhood illnesses are covered up to the age of 24.
  • The child plan could be effective even in adulthood. No medical review is required.
  • T10 coverage renews automatically at the end of every 10-year term.
  • The coverage ends when it is canceled, in the event of the insured’s death, or when the claim is paid for a full payout illness.
  • Additional benefits include the return of premium upon death, upon cancellation or expiry of benefits and so forth.

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