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Tangible Plan: Critical Illness Insurance for Children (Multi-Protection Plan)

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Blue Cross Critical Illness Insurance for Children

Your children deserve absolute protection and it is your responsibility to see to it that the protection they need is given to them. However, if you are unprepared to handle critical illness conditions, you may not be able to properly take care of your dependents in case of life-threatening conditions. This is why Blue Cross provides the multi-protection plan suitable for your children and grandchildren under 30.

This Tangible Plan is unique and it is designed to give your children a lump sum as well as several other benefits, if they are diagnosed with a critical illness condition.

Some of the additional benefits included in the plan are as follow: accidental loss of use, accidental fracture, and accidental death. This coverage is necessary for active children because they are most vulnerable to these menaces.

What Makes this Tangible Plan to Stand Out?

The multi-protection plan for children covers up to 29 critical illness conditions as well as 2 non-critical illness conditions. Several conditions suffered by most children are covered in this plan. These include diabetes, autism, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and cerebral palsy, and many others.

  • The plan can provide robust and flexible critical illness coverage for your children and grandchildren 30 years and below.
  • In the event of a critical illness condition, your children will receive a lump sum benefit to help treat or manage the condition.
  • Together with the lump sum benefit, your children will also extra benefit for additional protection such as accidental death, accidental fracture and accidental loss of use. This is most relevant for active children.
  • There are 29 critical illness conditions and 2 non-critical illness conditions are covered in this plan.
  • The critical illnesses covered include most of the conditions suffered by children such as cystic fibrosis, autism, cerebral palsy, diabetes and muscular dystrophy.
  • The coverage amount for this plan is up to $1 million but there is an added option for a Refund of Premium and Automatic Benefit Increase.

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