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SunSpectrum Universal Life II Insurance

Flexible Protection with SunSpectrum Universal Life II Insurance

Meeting daily needs and also saving for the future could be really challenging but this goal can be best achieved by investing rightly in an adequate insurance plan. SunSpectrum Universal Life II insurance is the best coverage for those who need the flexibility of meeting their today and tomorrow’s needs.

The plan makes it very easy to pay for your policy in the future and besides the insurance coverage achieves tax-preferred savings growth by combining permanent insurance protection with several investment account options.

Customizable Features of Sun Life SunSpectrum Universal Life II Insurance

SunSpectrum Universal Life II includes a lot of optional features such as owner waiver death benefit, owner waiver disability benefit, owner waiver death and disability benefit, accidental death benefit and so forth. These features make it easy to customize the coverage to suit your exact purposes.

  • The plan is customizable with the several optional features.
  • You can design an investment mix that suits your saving goals with the numerous investment account options included in the policy.
  • If diagnosed with life-threatening conditions, the insured will receive 50% of his death benefit up to $250,000.
  • You can access the policy fund by making one withdrawal when disabled, injured or ill.
  • You can take out policy loans or withdraw cash from your policy provided you have enough cash in your policy. This option makes the plan further flexible.

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