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SunSpectrum Term Insurance

Robust Temporary Protection Available in Sun Life SunSpectrum Term Insurance

Taking care of family’s need as well as mortgage fees at the same time could be really financially burdensome but you can easily achieve both of these goals without any stress. The SunSpectrum plan is a term insurance plan provided by Sun Life designed in such a way as to offer the insured financial security and serve as efficient income replacement.

SunSpectrum is a temporary insurance plan that blends very well with the insured’s budget. It makes providing a robust protection for your key employees very easy and it can even provide lifetime protection to you. SunSpectrum can be easily converted to a more permanent insurance plan.

Available Terms and Remarkable Features of Sun Life SunSpectrum Term Insurance plan

Basically, four renewal terms are included in this plan namely 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. The terms depend on the age of the insured. The policy offers a number of benefits including death benefits, and ease of conversion to a permanent policy irrespective of your occupation and health.

  • The minimum coverage amount is $50,000 while the maximum amount is $15,000,000.
  • The policy guarantees the insured a death benefit.
  • The premiums are guaranteed to renew at the end of each term.
  • No consideration is made to your health, lifestyle, and occupation in converting the policy to a more permanent one.
  • Additional benefits covered by this plan are living benefits, survivor benefit on first-to-die and automatic survivor benefit on joint first-to-die.
  • Optional benefits are also included such as total disability waiver benefit, guaranteed insurability benefit, child term insurance benefit, renewal protection benefit, accidental death benefit and many others.

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