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Sewer Back-up

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Sewer Back-up Insurance Made Remarkably Easy

Water disasters are one of the most devastating disasters in the world today. Water has been rated as the prime threat to Canadian homes. This disaster can occur in a number of ways. One profound way is through channels like the municipal sewer system as well as private septic system and so forth.

With adequate sewer backup insurance provided by Intact insurance, you can protect your home in the event of sump pump failure. This plan includes the enhanced water damage protection which guarantees that your properties will be protected in case of water damage caused by events such as sump pump failure.

What To Obtain in Sewer Back-up Insurance

This plan provides sufficient coverage to help keep your building and home safe from water damage. It provides benefits that can take care of water damage as well as preventive features to prevent future loss due to water damages.

  • This plan can be used to further customize your homeowner and rented dwelling plans.
  • The insured is guaranteed a $1000 offer that can be used in installing sewer back-up prevention devices to mitigate sewer back-up loss.
  • The plan helps to prevent future water damage losses from occurring.
  • The enhanced water damage package covers for water damage loss as a result of sump pump failure.
  • It is a simple and an easy-to-use plan.
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