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Seasonal Cottage Insurance

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Allstate Seasonal Insurance – An Excellent Coverage for Your Cottage

Your cottage is your seasonal home or holiday property. It is a place where you recoil, unwind and enjoy your life after spending a lot of time working for a living. The importance of your seasonal home cannot be overstated and you cannot afford to leave it to chance. Your seasonal home deserves the best protection you can ever afford and that is exactly what Allstate seasonal insurance offers.

Seasonal dwelling insurance covers basically two forms of coverage, namely, the basic homeowner policy and the residential fire policy. You need the basic homeowner policy when you require higher insurance limits and you can opt for a secondary homeowner policy and choose options like Basic, Elite, VIP or Residential Fire Policy active in winter.

Coverage Options in Allstate Seasonal Cottage Insurance

You would rather opt for the residential fire policy coverage if you only want fire protection. The plan provides dwelling protection, detached private structure protection, and liability protection, albeit the coverage is for the named peril. The basic seasonal home policy also provides dwelling protection, personal property, additional living expenses, liability and protection for perils.

  • The seasonal insurance provides protection for your cottage or holiday property.
  • The plan allows you to choose either a Basic Homeowner Policy or a Residential Fire Policy.
  • If your cottage is in Quebec, you may have to opt for a secondary homeowner policy.
  • You have the option to choose a Basic, Elite, VIP or Residential Fire Policy in winter.
  • The Basic Homeowner policy is necessary when you desire higher insurance limits and it covers for dwelling protection, personal property, additional living expenses, liability, and perils.
  • Residential fire policy provides coverage for dwelling protection, detached private structures, and liability, however, the coverage are for the named peril.

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