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Intact RV Insurance – The Ultimate Protection for Your RV

RVs (recreational vehicles) are just like cars but they are adapted for recreational purposes. Today, there are many types of recreational vehicles, making it difficult for some insurance providers to offer a single insurance plan that will cover all kinds of RVs.

Intact RV insurance is all-encompassing and can fit in no matter the kind of RV you want to insure.

Several factors are considered in RV insurance. This includes the use of the RV and the type of damage that occurs. The damage may call for a total replacement, roadside assistance or it may be a vacation liability. Roadside assistance is one of the packages offered by Intact designed to help you have an enjoyable vacation in your RV.

Features Included in the Intact RV Insurance

RV insurance is suitable if you prefer going on vacation in RV or motorhome. The coverage is adapted to cover the RV sufficiently during a vacation or recreation. The package gives you peace of mind and you can be sure that your personal savings will not be impacted by any damage to the RV.

  • The roadside assistance package included in the plan is designed to help you drive worry-free.
  • The coverage is available as a stand-alone policy.
  • You can add this coverage to your already existing intact insurance policy to further customize the policy to your exact requirements.

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