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Rooming Houses / Student Housing

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An Easy Way to Protect Your Rooming Houses

Rooming houses are great and wonderful kinds of apartments for students in Canada. They provide affordable and furnished rooms for students. Just like every other apartment, a lot of things can go wrong in a rooming house; protecting your rooming house is a priority and this is why Premier’s rooming house insurance is made available for you.

The rooming house insurance is a very comprehensive plan with features that can be leveraged to improve your plan. It covers all kinds of residential rental properties, dwelling buildings and detached structures, condominium units and so forth.

Why Rooming House Insurance Plan is Adequate For You

Rooming house insurance provides smoke detector warranty, earthquake and sewer endorsement and also tenant restriction endorsement. It also provides adequate coverage for several kinds of liabilities and it is very easy to enroll in this plan. The plan is flexible, has quick turnaround time and the insured will be given a discount if the homeowner’s child lives in the building.

  • The plan is designed to provide sufficient coverage to up to 8 unrelated individuals living in a rooming house.
  • It targets stand alone rooming houses; houses with daily, monthly and weekly occupancy and dwellings with absentee landlords.
  • The plan also has flexible underwriting and its turnaround time is pretty quick.
  • The house owner will qualify for a discount if his child lives in the building.
  • Residential rental properties are covered by this insurance plan.
  • It provides sewer backup endorsement, earthquake endorsement, smoke detector warranty and several liability clauses.
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