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The Co-operators Responsibility® and Responsibility PLUS® Life

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The Best and Right Insurance Plan to Take Care of Your Responsibilities

Every parent is responsible for their children. The parents have moral obligation to take care of their children, provide for their needs and those of the family. Such responsibility may become overbearingly difficult to fulfill, at least without impacting negatively on your personal savings, without adequate insurance coverage.

The Co-operators Responsibility and Responsibility Plus Life insurance is designed to help you take care of your responsibilities seamlessly.

Responsibility and Responsibility Plus Life insurance offers maximum coverage and you don’t even need a medical exam to procure this plan. This makes it flexible and easy to obtain. Interestingly, the coverage will pay a whopping amount of four times your coverage amount in case you die accidentally.

Superb Features of Responsibility and Responsibility Plus Life Insurance

This plan is most suitable for people between the ages of 40 and 80 or those who are on a fixed retirement income. The monthly premiums are guaranteed never to increase even though they are super-affordable and the plan includes $25,000 coverage amount. The benefit obtained from this plan can be used to take care of your children and grandchildren education and for any other purpose.

  • The plan is for people who are on a fixed retirement income or between age 40 and 80.
  • You don’t need a medical examination or blood test to procure this plan.
  • The coverage amount for this plan is up to $25,000.
  • Even though this plan has a very affordable premium, the premiums are guaranteed never to increase.
  • If the insured dies accidentally, his beneficiary will be paid four times the coverage amount.
  • The insurance benefit can be used to take care of your children or grandchildren education; cover your medical bills or funerals; or provide a financial gift to a church, your family or a charity.

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