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Aviva health insurance plan

A Robust Plan to Protect Your Home

Prevention is always better than cure. This is true for every other thing as much as it is for home and property damage. Aviva Canada provides several insurance plans to help you protect your home, however, you can even prevent the menace from occurring in the first place. The prevention plan is designed for that.

Property risks oftentimes increase in summer and with summer approaching, you should give more thought to prevent the damage from occurring. Aviva makes preventing home damages easy and fun by rewarding you with discounts for doing so. This makes it very easy to save and maximize your investment with Aviva Canada.

Features Available in Aviva Prevention Plan

With Aviva, you can save a lot when you install water alarm and a well-monitored water system, sump pump, and a monitored burglar system. Even though these facilities will help make your life and home better, Aviva makes it even easier by offering you huge savings potential.

  • Aviva Canada offers competitive savings and rate for installing a sump pump, water alarm and monitored burglar system.
  • With Aviva, you can make efforts to protect and prevent damage from occurring in your home and get rewards for doing so.
  • Aviva provides actionable steps that can be leveraged to prevent water damage from occurring or reoccurring in your home.
  • Aviva helps you to reduce the cost of the damage and also offers discounts as well as loss prevention measures.
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