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The Comprehensive Backup Health Plan

GMS PremierPlan is not your ordinary replacement health insurance plan.

Is this situation sound familiar – you walk into the office one day and begin to work. Soon afterwards, you receive an email from human resources summoning you to a meeting in the boardroom. Upon arrival, you find your department manager and the HR manager sitting at the table with some papers in front of them. And then it hits you – you are about to be laid off from your job.

The layoff is no fault of your own. “Corporate restructuring” and “downsizing” are mentioned by the HR director as the reasons for your sudden dismissal from the company. He then lays out the next steps for you and mentions that your group insurance benefits will expire in about a month’s time.

Losing your job is problematic enough, but losing your benefits is just as unfortunate. While it could be some time before you find another position, one thing is certain – finding replacement health insurance is relatively easy. The Premier Plan from Group Medical Services is designed to provide you with replacement health insurance coverage when you need it the most.

What are the benefits of having a GMS PremierPlan?

If you are looking for replacement health insurance in Canada and are between jobs, GMS’s Premier Plan is the right choice for you. Designed to replace the coverage provided by group insurance plans provided by most employers, the Premier Plan is a fully featured product with guaranteed acceptance that you can apply for within 60 days of losing your group plan.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Preferred hospital rooms (pays 80% up to $10,000)
  • Accidental dental coverage (up to $2,000 per injury)
  • GMS’s highest benefits for vision care products and services
  • Up to 183 days of emergency medical coverage when travelling within Canada
  • Up to 15 days of emergency medical coverage when travelling outside of Canada
  • Full coverage for health-related services, such as massage therapy and physiotherapy
  • 80% of up to $1,750 annually for prescription drug coverage, including drugs you are already using
  • Dental benefits of 80% for basic and preventative procedures, 50% for major and $1,500 combines maximum

Where can I get GMS PremierPlan Replacement Health Insurance?

The PremierPlan and GMS’s other replacement health insurance products are all available from most insurance brokers. Before you purchase a coverage, take some time to review and compare health insurance plan online.

Other GMS Products

GMS offers an array of traditional and replacement health insurance products. Learn more about your options from the links below and get informed before you get insured.

  • BasicPlan Health Insurance

    BasicPlan is an affordable GMS health insurance product that is designed to cover for unexpected emergencies, including those fundamental health benefits not covered under your provincial health plan, such as ambulance services, preferred hospital rooms and in-hospital drugs. This plan is upgrade-able if ever you want to add prescription drug and dental coverage, and hospital cash to cover out-of-pocket expenses when you have an extended hospital stay.

  • OmniPlan Health Insurance

    OmniPlan is a superior GMS health insurance product that provides extensive health benefit coverage including health practitioner services like physiotherapy and massage therapy, vision care, and glasses. This plan is upgrade-able if ever you want to add prescription drug and dental coverage, and hospital cash to cover out-of-pocket expenses when you have an extended hospital stay.

  • PremierPlan Replacement Health Insurance

    PremierPlan is the most comprehensive GMS replacement health benefits package that is designed for Canadians who wants greater coverage for prescription drugs, dental, vision, physio, massage and travel emergency medical insurance for longer trips!

  • StudentPlan Travel Insurance

    StudentPlan is a GMS travel insurance product that is designed for Canadian students (available to under age 55) that want to study outside of their province of residence or country of residence. This plan can helps fill those gaps helping you and your family feel safe so you can focus on your education.

  • GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance

    GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada is a GMS travel insurance product that is designed for Immigrants & Visitors to Canada that want to have a peace of mind during their entire stay in Canada. You can choose the amount of insurance coverage between $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 in total.

Additional resources

Discover more about health insurance from these informative articles to help you decide in choosing the right plan for you.


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